Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty-Three

Chapter twenty-three of The Prettiest Thing is posted on so please read and review it for me as you usually do. I love every review I get and it really does motivate me to update faster. I love how involved people are getting with this story and how they argue and debate and get frustrated with things the characters do. It is so amazing to get reactions from readers like that and I love it. Thank you so much to Gwen for making the piece of art of Ella below and also, there is a picture of Asta, Lyla and Andy's puppy. Enjoy the chapter. Thank you.



Amanda said...

I'm happy that Joy is going to have the baby and Ella is putting up a fight against Brent for breaking her heart. Well done once again and I cannot wait to read the next chapter to see how Andy is going to talk to Connie and Nick.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy Joy decided not to go ahead with the abortion. I know they're both really young but I have a feeling they're not going to give the baby up for adoption though ;) It's going to be very interesting when they tell their parents can't wait to see what happens there!

But as for Brett & Ella...this is something I never thought i'd say but I found Ella really annoying in that chapter!? I get that Brett messed up but he's trying so hard & she's just pushing him away the whole time. I hope Monty doesn't become a permenant fixture I really don't like him at all. I love Corey but I don't like him one bit sorry!

I loved the Andy/Lyla moment too! They're such a sweet couple I hope she sorts things out with her parents soon. Love the dog they picked as well!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

L x

littlewiseone said...

I liked this chapter. I think you handled the decision to keep the baby remarkably well. I could feel her turmoil. I can't wait for the chapter in which they tell their parents about the baby Lyla getting married, will seem like small potatoes compared to that.
With Brett and Ella, I like that Ella is kind of playing hard to get. That is cool but I do think Brett need to just try a little harder. He needs to tell her that he spoke with Trevor, or maybe Trevor will approach her about it. I can see this story going in so many different directions. I just really love it. I didn’t think I could like a story more than I like More Than Anything, or The Prize, but I guess I was wrong. You continually amaze me.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late to review ^^ Great new chapter, now we know Joy's decision about the baby, it will be hard for them that's sure, but it's their choice !! And what a cute puppy, and can't wait to see Lyla see her family again and have a discussion with her parents and Andy !!!

Anonymous said...

Great chapter Kate. I think Joy made the right decision to keep the baby. Maybe they won't go through with the adoption and keep the baby? I think they'd make a happy family. I can't wait to see how their parents will take the news. Good for Ella. Maybe now Brett will try a little harder to show Ella that he's serious about her. I like Monty, but Ella and Brett need to be together at the end.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow. Loved this chapter. Lyla and Andy are so cute.

I still love Brett and hope he won't give up on Ella, he can't!

Monty is okay but not my favourite character. Definitely not Ella's type if you ask me.

I reviewed on earlier.

Good job Kate.

Can't wait to see what happens next.


Maricor said...

Same with amanda and the rest, i'm so happy with Joy's decission..And i'm happy that Brett is finally going to fight for his feelings towards Ella...i'm looking forward to another exciting chapter.

KittyCat86 said...

Great job, as usual.

The puppy is so cute! :D