Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty-Six

I just posted chapter twenty-six of The Prettiest Thing on so check it out for me. It is a very heavy Brett and Ella chapter which everyone seems to want to read so I delivered. Please read, review and let me know what you think. Thank you.


Lauren ( said...

I'm guilty of reading every chapter thus far with no review, but from your posts over the last couple of days, I really felt like posting you a comment. I absolutely love this story, and all your other stories that I've read. This is by far my favorite. I love the complexity. I absolutely love Brett and Ella as well. My friend, who doesn't even read the story, asks me every day if I've gotten "a new Brett and Ella chapter," which is what I call every update, because I talk about the story with her like Brett and Ella are real people. I check all the time for new chapters. Please don't let a few jackasses get you down about writing. If they're too stupid to follow your story, who cares what they think? To me it's easy to keep the characters apart because you develop them so well. Anyway... yeah, I love the story. Screw those people and keep writing. :) I'd die without knowing what happens to Brett and Ella.

Anonymous said...

Hey keep writing just like you want to ^^ If you feel like talking about many characters, then talk about many characters, don't change your writing because of us, it's your story! XD
By the way, even though I just say that, it was a fantastic Brett and Ella's chapter !!

GirlFixer said...

That was another fantastic chapter. I envy you, I wish I could write the way you do... Your passion for what you do is incredible, and I hope you won't let a few bad apples get in your way. You truly are talented.

I think the reason I love this story is because of all the characters. Yes, there are some I like more than others, but that's to be expected right? I still can't decide what Monty's game is...

But the big BIG reason I adore this story, is Ella. Purely because... Well, I'm an Ella. I'm sure there are lots of people reading this story thinking 'God, I'm Ella!'. I love that the heroine of your story isn't conforming to todays society in a way. She isn't a party girl, she loves reading and cultural things, she actually has morals! I get penalized for not being the partying type, and I remember in that chapter where Brett and Ella are at the book store, and they look at the postcard of Christina's World? The things Brett said to Ella really bristled me.

I so did NOT mean to ramble and rant there lol. The point of this comment is - your stories (especially this one) are amazing and I really can't wait for more updates.

Hope you're well :)


littlewiseone said...

Loved this chapter! Love Brett and Ella! Love the parent’s change of heart! Love you for updating so quickly. You are a writing machine. You must love this story as much as me, that you can update so quickly. So I'm totally getting my Goddaughter a Moon Jar for her birthday because she is afraid of the dark and I think it would be cool. Now on to the chapter. I love the interaction with Brett and Ella. You did a lot more dialogue in this chapter, and I loved every minute of it I liked that he was jealous of Monty and he let her know it. (Communication is key.)


Anonymous said...

That was such a good chapter. I'm actually in love with this story! I really love the insight into all of the characters & Connie & Nick were so cute in that scene maybe thay could keep the baby when it's born!?! ;)

And Brett & Ella, they actually are the sweetest couple ever. I loved their presents for one another, so excited for that New Years party now!

Thanks for updating again so quick & it's never a rushed, thrown together chapter anytime, it's always perfect! Can't wait for more when you get a chance.

L x

Sara said...

O my goodness - love it! That was such a great chapter. I loved seeing the interaction between Connie & Nick, and "momness" of Connie as she is concerned for all her kids. Such a great character relationship you have bulit up between them. I can totally see my parents in them. :D

And of course, the focus of the chapter, Brett & Ella. That was amazing. Obviously the romance of it all was adorable, but the relationship building between them is so great. I love how happy and excited they are in their new found love. I totally remember that feeling in high school when you first start dating someone "special".

Can't wait for New Year! :)


Amanda said...

Great chapter Kate. I love it and the title of the chapter, one of my favourite songs by Kansas

Anonymous said...

Reviewed on

Beautiful chapter.

Keep writing the way you want, there are many more people who enjoy the way you write and develop all your characters than those who don't. And if the fools who send these rude messages don't like your writing then they don't deserve to read it.

Can't wait to find out what happens at this New Year's Eve party.

I wish I had a real-life Brett!

Anonymous said...

if you change ur style of writing you'll loose the plot on the story - keep it as it is, your doing great! xxx

Anonymous said...

I would love to read this book again, I remember readin it 8 years ago. Please let me know how I can find it again.