Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty-Four

Sorry it took me so long to post chapter twenty-four of The Prettiest Thing but it is finally up for you all to read and review on It became longer than I initially planned so Joy's dance showcase is moved to the next chapter as well as some progress in the Brett/Ella relationship. I hope everyone likes the new chapter. Please let me know what you all think of it. I found an old picture on my computer and realized that it was the same model I used for Trevor. I just wish I knew his name! Read, review and also, Christmas is in the next chapter as well and I am very excited to write the next installment. I can't believe we're already on chapter twenty-four and still, a lot of story must be told. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.



littlewiseone said...

I'm so happy right now words cannot express the happiness I feel at seeing you updated. This had been a long day and this update along with a good nights sleep is the only thing that will help it. Thanks So Much! Can't wait to see what happens.


Anonymous said...

reviewed on AFF. Great chapter, loved the scene with the parents. So real. Can't wait to see what happes next.


Amanda said...

I love the chapter because Brent and Joanna are now getting along because how they understand each other. Something telling me that something isn't going to go right with Monty but I believe that Corey will help. Good job Kate.

Anonymous said...

Ouah !! You have described Trevor's and Joy's parents reaction in a very reallistic way !! Just as I have seen it coming, first instead of supporting their children, they try to separate them at the moment when they need each other support so much !! I hope it will end well XD

GirlFixer said...

Another great chapter! This has really cheered me up, reading another chapter. This weekend really kicked my ass :[


Anonymous said...

Oh my god I don't know even where to start that chapter was amazing!

First off that tell the parents did not go well for Trevor & Joy but things could be looking up for Lyla finally!

I really love Monty her & Ella have such a sweet friendship, i'm glad Ella's finally opening up to her & that she's finally realising Monty's not the one for her ;)

Which brings me onto my favourite Brett! Seriously what a little cutie! I really hope he tell Ella in the next chapter that's going to be the most perfect scene ever!! Just curious does Brett not know about the baby?!

SO excited for the next chapter update when you can favourist writer in the whole world!

L x

Anonymous said...

Aww such a sweet chapter.

Except the Trevor/Joy bit, yet it was very real and written really well.

Can't wait for the next chapter.


Anonymous said...

Great Chapter as always!

Here's a thought: So I love all the info that we've been getting on Lyla and Andy, the Parents, Trevor and Joy, and even Corey and Monty BUT there as been so little of Brett and Ella - they are my favorite couple and I am really missing seeing them more. I think that at this point you almost have too many subplots going - not that they aren't all great and interesting but it stands to reason that some characters are bound to get left out. Does that make any sense? Hopefully you get what I am saying and if it's helpful you'll be able to use it and if it's not you can just discount it.
Either way I am very much looking forward to the next chapter and I can't wait to see if Brett gets around to telling Ella how he feels - should be great!!!