Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I have taken down my email address from this site so unless you already have it, I am not going to give it out anymore. I have been receiving many harsh emails lately from readers criticizing The Prettiest Thing and how much it has sucked lately. I write because I love it but when I get emails like that, it doesn't make it fun for me anymore and I don't like feeling like it. I never want to go a day where I hate writing. If you don't like my writing or my stories - and pardon my language - then don't fucking read them. Write your own fucking story and maybe, I'll waste my time and insult you like you do me. I'm really tired of this. I don't know if other authors get emails like this but if you do, I am so sorry because people who take their time to write and update and think of stories for people to enjoy do not deserve this kind of treatment. Stop emailing me just to insult me. Do you have any idea how much time and effort I put into this story? I am so fucking proud of this story but every insult cuts at me and hurts me and I don't want to deal with it anymore. Sorry for the rant. Most reviews offer me compliments or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism - thank you HMC for getting me back on track - but those emails that outright insult me, leave me alone and don't read my stories. I don't want people like you reading my stories anyway.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that happened to you Kate. You don't deserve that - no one does. Why someone would think that's even acceptable is mind-blowing. I think that the majority of the people who read your work deeply appreciate it and realize the effort and time you put forth as well as realize that you put a bit of yourself into each and every story. You don't do this to make money and all you ask is that people let you know what they think. For someone to abuse that is so incredibly disappointing. So again, I'm really sorry for others stupidity and I thank you for allowing me to escape into the world of your stories, time after time.

Julie said...

As a fellow author, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in getting these e-mails. It seems that a lot of people can put ten minutes into reading a chapter and fifteen into writing something nasty (without offering any sort of constructive criticism). Don't let this get you down. If anything, these flamers should only inspire you. Every word you write should be a huge 'fuck you' to them. It's apparent that you write because you love it and because your words are so dear to you, you take them personally. I most definitely understand this. But as a fellow author who practically bleeds into her own stories, you should be proud, because your stories are amazing and well thought out. 'The Prettiest Thing' is a mature piece. It's believable because it isn't rushed and looks into how the characters all touch each other's lives, not just one insight to one character. Fuck the haters. Chances are they're just jealous of your talent.

Anonymous said...

Atta Girl Kate!

I seriously do not understand people in general. I think that you are a great, evolving author who works very hard and updates your stories quickly, free of charge - what the heck do people have to complain about? Like I said I don't understand people.

I am glad that you said something though - people should know that mean/rude emails are unacceptable (where are their manners?!) and that while they are certainly not obligated to keep reading if they so choose neither are you obligated to take their abuse. You don't need "fans" like that anyway.

Still I can understand how it could hurt and I am truly sorry about that. Please DO keep writing as it makes YOU happy. My advice? Screw what anyone else thinks, be original, make yourself proud and call it a day.

BTW - loved Brett and Ella's song, very hip and such a great sing-along tune. I will be downloading some of his music for sure! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Amanda said...

Fuck them Kate. I'm sad that you had to take your email off of this site but don't let it get you down. You are brillent writer and you and your wonderful stories are the greatest part of my day. Keep up the great work and everytime you write something, let the flamers know it's a big "FUCK you I ain't stopping because this is what I love to do." I personally cannot wait for you to update The Prettiest Thing, I really want to know what happens next.

Anonymous said...

I am a true fan of your work, and there are many others, I suppose that a lot of others writers receive insults... it's an internet problem, it's anonym so people "have fun" by insulting others ....
It doesn't mean anything ...
Keep writing, for us anyway ^^ lol

Anonymous said...

You are such a talented writer and don't deserve that. I love your stories, I only came across them recently but the ones I've read so far are beautifully written and amazing.

People clearly don't see good writing and all the hard work that goes into it.

Loved Brett and Ella's moment in Chapter 25 so sweet!

Can't wait to see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Don't listen to anything those emails have said. Some people are clearly jealous they can't do what you can. I know it must be frustrating but so many people love your stories. Just keep doing what your doing & don't listen to the bad stuff! The Prettiest Thing is probably the best story i've read in a long long time, i'm always looking forward to an update! Seriously if you haven't got anything nice to say don't say anything at all & besides karma's a bitch ;) Update when you can!

L x

Anonymous said...

fuck 'em. your writing should be for you. you should get the most pleasure from it. the rest of us are just enjoying the ride and experiencing some of the pleasure. if they can't find something better to do with their time than insult you, then fuck them. please don't stop writing though. i enjoy your stories so much, and i would hate to think that i would be robbed of them because of a couple of jackasses.