Friday, April 4, 2008

My Thoughts

I hate writing these kinds of posts but I have to say how I feel. I was so proud of myself for chapter twenty-one. I thought it was one of the best written chapters of any of my stories on I was so excited to post it and have everyone read it. But this chapter, as well as the past couple, have been less than popular with readers. I have had literally hundreds and hundreds of hits for chapter twenty-one and ten reviews. To go from twenty-five to thirty reviews to ten, that is a big drop and I don't know why I am not getting people hitting that review button at the end of the chapter. I know I have a lot of reviews for The Prettiest Thing but those were from the beginning chapters. Now, it seems as if people could care less about this story. They'll read it but they won't let me know what they love or hate about it. It actually hurts my feelings a bit. I put so much effort and time into this story. I was worried that making this story as long as I planned would cause people to lose interest because my writing would falter. If it is, all I ask is that you tell me. If the story sucks, tell me. If it is good, tell me. Please. I am sorry if this story is not going in the way you wanted it to go but this is about high school and in high school, things like this are dealt with on a daily basis. To everyone who has reviewed, thank you a million times.

Below is a picture of Ella's tattoo that she will get in chapter twenty-two, which I am writing right now. This tattoo is not mine. I found it online and it was exactly what I imagined for Ella's tattoo in the exact same position I wanted it in. Be on the look out for chapter twenty-two. I hope to have it posted sometime this weekend. Thank you to everyone. I appreciate the support I am getting for this story from some of you.


Anonymous said...

Nice tattoo.Very Ella,in my opinion.Discreet,yet beautiful.Can't wait for chapter twenty-two!


Grogal said...


GirlFixer said...

The story is more than good. I'm really sorry that I don't always review, but you should know that you're a fantastic writer, and I love all your stories - especially this one. The characters and storylines make it very compelling, and I always enjoy taking a break from my increasingly confusing and frustrating life to delve into the latest installments.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Give it time Kate. You'll get your reviews. I was so focus on Joy and Trevor I forgot to comment on Ella's spontaneous crazy act of the moment tattoo idea. I really like who Ella has become. For some reason I just pictured one big star tattoo on the hip without color. Now that there's a picture to it I really like it. By the way I think the song "Hard to Concentrate" is just awesome it's a great unconventional love song and the pictures are always great by the way.


Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the story, but not so much that tattoo. When youn said a star, for some reason I got the tattoo that Tommy Lee has on his hand. I don't know why, but it seemed like something Ella would get. I am no fan of Tommy Lee but I really like that tattoo.

Anonymous said...

I think you are easily one of the best writers on the site- you make really well rounded characters that I think would translate well to print publishing.

Anonymous said...

I agree everyone should review. This last chapter was awesome! It is one of the longest chapters so far, 9 pages when I printed it of AFF with the smallest text size. Plus it was filled with all kinds of raw emotion and just plan ole good stuff.

It has to take HOURS to write this and Kate does it in day or 2 which means she is devoting huge chunks of her days and nights 2 us. How hard is it to take a minute to say Good Job Kate. You Rock!

OK now I will step off my soapbox and say thank you Kate for being the wonderful devoted writer you are. I check your blog and AFF everyday to see what you have to say and if you have updated a story. I stand in awe of your talent.


Anonymous said...

Love, love the tattoo! Thanks for the picture, I can't wait to read about her getting it!

Ahem... if I may...
PLease don't be discouraged about the amount of reviews. You've got to be your own biggest fan in some things and you have to know what a good author you are and see how much you are improving! People will review or not as suits them and that may or may not be right but that doesn't make your story any less good or the characters less real - those things only you can affect and you've done a incedible job of it so far. Keep writing, keep planning, keep trying, keep asking yourself - does this make me happy, am I proud of this chapter? If so then you've got to keep going despite the reviews or lack thereof.

I know you have a gazillion things to do but I would highly recommend reading (if you haven't already) the small book 'Letters to a Young Poet' by Rainer Maria Rilke. This Book should be a MUST read for any and all aspiring writers, it has motivated and encouraged me for years and I'd hope it would do the same for you.

That's all I've got - you're great Kate and I LOVE this story!!

Amanda said...

I must say Kate I love the tattoo Ella will be getting in the next chapter. As you said before this story is far from over. I know that you are going to get your reviews once everything comes into play. Be proud of your work Kate, as I said before and I will keep saying it again, you are a brillent writer.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I always revieuw on your blog but not on AFF, but still I will try to remember and put those reviews on both ^^
It's an "very Ella's tattoo", but not my style at all XD!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just now have been able to check and read Chapter 21, so give us a little time. I don't review on there, I don't have an account and don't really feel like setting one up. I liked this chapter a lot, just showing what they have to deal with, it's something that's very hard and not easy to know what you would do until you were in the situation. And I always love your stories, even if I don't always review. I think I'm used to reading things after the story is completely finished so it seems like there's not much point in reviewing, so I need to get over that.

KittyCat86 said...

Hi! The story is really great. I'm loving it so far. The only reason I haven't reviewed the last 2 chapters is because I haven't read them yet. College work is crazy right now!! But I promise I'll do it today :D

Please don't let yourself get demotivated. The story is really good! ^_^

Anonymous said...

That's such a nice tattoo, something Ella would definetly pick! I really hope Brett goes with her to get it that would be so cute & that Monty stays well away ;)

I guess some people don't get a chance to review every chapter? I try to review as much as I can sometimes school is so crazy I don't get the chance straight away but I always get round to it! It's a really great story though so don't be put off. Looking forward to some more!

L x

Anonymous said...

Haven't read any of the last few chapters since C17 or 18 as have been extremely bogged down with essay writing. Will try to catch up next weekend or the week after.. Also will try to catch up on your blog updates! Can't wait. the Tattoo looks cool though.


Anonymous said...

I really loved that chapter [21], it was well-thought out and beautifully executed. Unfortunately, I'm one of those individuals that takes a while to review, but I think you've done a fantastic job so far, even if I haven't had the chance to say so for every update. Thanks!


lucymarie said...

I don't update very often, I'm sorry. I actually post more comments on your blog than AFF. But the entire is story is awesome and Chapter 21 was amazing. Really beautifully written and I could almost feel Trevor's and Joy's emotions from your writing.

The tattoo wasn't what I had pictured but very Ella-like nonetheless.

Good Job Kate.
I will definitely try and remember to update from now on more often.