Thursday, April 10, 2008

Joy's Senior Dance Showcase

Hi everyone. In chapter twenty-four of The Prettiest Thing, Ella and Corey will spend some girl time together, Joy and Trevor will tell their parents about the pregnancy, Brett is going to step up his game in his pursuit of Ella and Joy is going to have her dance showcase. Below is the ballet portion of her show from Romeo and Juiet and I wrote it and pictured in my head as Joy dancing that dance to "Apologize" by OneRepublic. I have posted the dance footage and the song below so give it a watch and listen if you want. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

The dance and the music match really well... it's just amazing!

I love your stories and I can't wait for the next update for The Prettiest Thing!!!!!!!
(sorry, I kind of went crazy with the exclaimation points.)

Anonymous said...

Love the dance, very elegant and beautiful. The song is also a great pick and one of my favorites right now! Good choices both.

Thanks for the last chapter, I thought it was great to get that peek into Andy and Lyla's life - very sweet. And it sounds like there is a lot to look forward to in the next cahpter - can't wait!!

Amanda said...

Hey Kate. Wonderful choice on how you choose the dance and the song. They match soo well together. Thank you for sharing what's to come. One thing I truly love about your stories is how you always make sure that we have a grand picture on how everything is and going to be. Thank you again.

littlewiseone said...

I absolutely LOVE this song. It is so mellow yet haunting. (Does that make sense?) I can picture the song and dance perfectly and can't wait to see how you write it. You create pictures with your words, so I know it will be beautiful, but thanks for the visual imagery. It is always cool to see where you get your inspiration from. I'm also happy Brett is going to step up. Can't wait to see what you have in store for the next chapter. I mean Oh and telling the parents. OH I can't wait. I think you created a cliffhanger with you update. Thant's why you have the nickname Cliffy!


Alexandra said...

Wow!I played the videos together so i could get a better idea of what it would look like,and it's perfect.I love the melody of the song,and for where Joy is in her life right now i think it sounded perfect.

Can't wait to read more about Corey.I'm glad she's coming back,cause as you probably know by now i love her. ;)

I'm also happy we're going to see more of Brett and he's going to step up his game in winning Ella over.

Can't wait for chapter twenty-four!


Anonymous said...

Im also played the 2 together. Magical!

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited for this chapter, hope everything for Joy goes well since she's worked so hard. Can't wait to see their parents reaction too & of course any mention of Brett is always good ;) Great choice of that song & dance too!

L x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dance. Didn't listen to the song yet but I'm sure its amazing.

Chapter 24 sounds really interesting. Can't wait to read it.


Anonymous said...

E extremely beautiful
L lovely
L little sister
A amazing

B brave
R really handsome
E extraordinary
T top athlete
T terrific

T top athlete
R refreshing
E energetic
V very cool
O overprotective
R really chivalrous

J just gorgeous
O overactive
Y yeah she's awesome

[i was bored one day and did this for each of the main characters.]

naoise x

Anonymous said...

I watched the video while listening to "Apologize" on my iPod, and they work amazingly together! Everything matches really well. Great song/dance choice.

I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm so excited to see how the parents react to Joy's pregnancy!


Anonymous said...

Hello my lovely friend,

Kate that was awesome combining the ballet with the song "Apologize". Amazingly it goes together perfectly. That's right Brett better step up his game because Monty is doing everything right. I still think Monty is a good guy though. Brett has a good competitor.

I think Gwen did a beautiful job on Ella with those stars. Your fans are computer wizards. Oh my gosh, Asta is so cute and I love his name or is it a she. I didn't read the chapter yet which I will do after I leave you this post.

I'll say my favorite character is... I can't choose I have a soft spot for each and everyone of them. Maybe at the end of the story I'll tell you but for right now I'm going to be diplomatic. My least favorite characters for right now is Connie and Nick Scott because they banned Lyla and Andy from Thanksgiving. Maybe that's not enough of a reason to make them my least favorite but I guess I'll never understand parents.


Anonymous said...

I am eagerly awaiting chapter 24 because I love your story. My question is why doesn't Brett tell Ella about his conversation with Trevor? Ella would think Brett was more serious about her if she knew Brett told Trevor he was interested in her. Just wondering. I cannot wait to read more!!

littlewiseone said...

7 years made a good point. My least favorite characters are the Scott's parents. What about unconditional love and all. I feel really badly for Lyla. They are totally alienating her, she can't even stay with them for Christmas, she has to stay with a friend. That is not very mature. They are going to flip when they find out about the baby, and I can just imagine when they find out Ella isn't a virgin anymore. They seemed like such cool parents at 1st. Now I'm disappointed. I hope they have a change of heart soon. It is the christian thing to do. Can't wait for an update.

Happy Sunday!


*can you believe it is snowing where I am. Damn Global Warming!