Monday, March 31, 2008

Brett VS. Monty

I am really loving the comments and debates I am getting from readers of The Prettiest Thing. There are some die-hard Brett fans and equally die-hard Monty fans out there and I love that. Although I have my outline and I know exactly who is going to wind up with Ella, getting there will be fun and definitely competitive for the two guys. Out of curiosity, who do you prefer? Brett or Monty? Who is better for Ella? In chapter twenty, the battle begins.





Anonymous said...

Brett! Brett! Brett! Brett! Brett! Brett! It has to be Brett!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brett 100% I have had those friendship that I always desperately wanted to turn into more, and for some reason or another we could never get over that hump. But boy do I wish we could have. Then you see them years later and you wonder what could have been. I don't want Ella to wonder what could have been. I want Brett to man up and show her what could be. I Live This Story!


Tessa Davis said...

BRETT all the way!!!! Even thought I do like Monty

Anonymous said...


There's something up with Monty. I dunno. Something off about him...
Brett and Ella <3 !

Anonymous said...

okay, this is a really tough question! Um, of course I'm going to say Brett because him and ella definitely belong together but then again I really like monty and I think its so cute that he wants to join the football team to impress ella. I'm stuck on this one... But I think im gonna have to go with Brett simply because ella loves him and I know deep down inside he loves her too even if he's too stupid to admit it. I can't wait to see Brett and monty fighting over ella. I can imagine that its going to be quite a shock to her because she's never had any guy chasing after her before. I can't wait for chapter 20!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think Monty for right now just because there is not any pressure or expectations with that. She has enough drama in her life right now.

Although it will be sad to see him hurt when she finally chooses to be with Brett.

Once Ella and Brett both get everything figured out, they should and will be together. Neither are in the right place for them to get together and be able to stay together at this point of the story.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Brett because you allowed us readers into his head and I've bonded with his character. As for Monty I didn't form a bond with his character yet because I felt as a reader I was just given a glimpse of his personality. Both boys have their flaws of course. Brett's major flaw is how he didn't believe Ella could stand up for herself when she wanted to tell Trevor about their feelings for each other. Monty's major flaw is how he would change who he is just to get Ella to like him. I also think Brett has the advantage because Ella has just realize that she is in love with him and lets not forget Trevor approves. As of right now both boys can be good for Ella and I think it is a matter of what kind of flaws Ella is willing to put up with or overlook. I think the only reason Ella is starting to like Monty is because she has no idea how Brett truly feels about her. Anyway no girl wants a coward who can't admit his feelings right? I had no idea that I really thought this out or who Ella will end up with. Goodness, sorry I didn't mean to end up writing an essay on this, hehe. Thank you for asking.


Anonymous said...

And here's why:
1. He's her long, long time friend
2. He knows her very well
3. He is tight with her family
4. He understand how unique she is
5. He is already starting to show signs of L-O-V-E (i.e. missing her, needing to see her/talk with her, etc.)
6. He needs to gain back Ella's trust & I think he's finally ready
7. And more then anything else Ella LOVES him - nuff said!

Oh, chapter 20 should be soooo good! Update as soon as you can!

Anonymous said...

Brett!!!! It has to be Brett!!!! Please don't let it be Monty :( I love Brett!!!!!

Amanda said...

I have to agree with 7years on this one. I really can't say for the same reason that we haven't looked into Monty's mind on what's going on. Personally I believe that whatever Ella choose, she will follow her heart to the end of this story.

There is alot of drama in this story so it is kinda hard to believe what is going to happen, if she choose to go to college or not and what happening with her family problems right now. I believe whatever guy Ella choose, it will be the right match for her.

I personally cannot wait to read chapter 20 to see how everything goes.

Anonymous said...

Brett because he is born to be with her (long time friend, protector, ... ) but she'll have to realize her love for him by being with Monty (and I love that guy too ^^) . I'll be sad for him when she xhoose Brett but ..

April said...

It has to be Brett.

Anonymous said...

Someone said Monty for right now just because there is not any pressure or expectations with that. The only thing with that is she has the potential to really hurt him. I think as soon as Brett sees her go out with Monty, even once he will step up and although Monty should not give up right away, Brett will prevail because the love is already there, it is just about letting it manifest into something more than a friendship.

Anonymous said...

I think in the end, Brella [see what I did there?] will be an item, they'll both get the timing right eventually. But up until that point, I think there will be something between Ella and Monty - bless his soul.

I do like both boys, but I think Brett should get the girl in the end. They already have that amazing friendship.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to say Monty, just 'cause I think Brett's an a** right now. See, I was all rooting for them, but then he goes and mucks it up, because I'm pretty sure he was acting like a real coward there.

I mean yeah, it's scary admitting to your best friend that you have feelings for his sister, but if you'd really like the girl, you'd just go ahead and say it, it at least proves your feelings are real.

So, yeah, Monty for me, even though I don't really know the guy yet. Aw, I just realised, I'm talking like they're actually real, you write your stories so well, see...

Alexandra said...

I like Brett cause he's comlicated and has a lot of depth,but Monty is really nice and simple,which is what i think Ella needs right now.She's so frustrated with everything that she just needs to chill and be with someone whose easy to be around.

KittyCat86 said...

BRETT! No doubt about it. They look perfect together even though he's acting like an ass right now. But that's what true love is all about, right?! Fighting to win what it's meant to be? Brett and Ella are meant to be together.

I really hope they'll end together. Please ^_^

Anonymous said...

Most def Brett!!! I love him, not so much Monty!

Caryn said...

I agree with the 4th comment completely!!! Brett and Ella for sure, all the way!

Lauren said...

I'm hoping Ella ends up with Brett. I don't know why but Monty just bothers me. It's not that he's skeevy or anything but I guess I see him as being more superficial by trying to change who he and wanting so badly to fit in. I just don't think he and Ella would mesh well as a couple. Friends would work better for them whereas being in an intimate relationship with Brett seems more realistic and probable as well as it would just make me happy because they're cute together and have the love there already in whatever form it may be.

Victoria said...

Brett! No question about it. Ella should be with Brett -- 100%!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It started with Brett and it should end with Brett.

Anonymous said...

BRETT! BRETT! BRETT! All the way. There's just something about Monty that I don't feel like I can trust. Maybe it's just because I know more about Brett and as a reader have been allowed to see his thoughts and feelings, whereas with Monty I have not made as close a connection. Brett has done a lot of stupid things and made some pretty bad mistakes when it comes to Ella (and he's hurt her), but I still like him a lot. He's not changing who he is when he's with Ella. He's always himself. Monty is quick to change into what he thinks Ella wants. With that said, BRETT!


Anonymous said...



Brett & Ella Forever!

Anonymous said...

100 million trillion % Brett!!

I've fallen in love with Brett & Ella & even though he's messed things up so far what 18 year old boy is perfect?! Monty seems fine but if he wants to change himself so much for her then that's a bit desperate I think. Turning into a carbon copy of Brett will just get her think of Brett so he's not doing himself any favours!

I still think they should be friends but as for a romantic relationship I don't really see it. I'd hate for a Brett & Ella relationship to be built up & then just replaced by something else. Besides she's just admitted to herself that she loves him & he's finally admitted his feelings to Trevor, two huge developments I think!

I'm really excited to see where this story is heading! Can't wait for chapter 20.

L x

Brie said...

I love Monty, really I do. He's a nice guy who genuinely likes Ella. Brett however, whether he knows it or not, is in love with Ella. He knows her inside and out. He absolutely needs her. In a way she needs him too. She's drawn to him no matter what happens. Once he gets everything together I'm absolutely positive he's gonna love her with everything he has.

Anonymous said...

Obviously BRETT...
But if you can twist it into Monty.
Man that's going to be some awesome story!!!

Anonymous said...

No don't twist it into Monty - IT HAS TO BE BRETT!!!!!

Danielle said...

IT HAS TO BE BRETT!!!! ALL THE WAY BABY! Brett and Ella are competely meant for eachother! IT HAS TO BE BRETT!!!

Anonymous said...

Monty! i like Brett and all but if you love someone you have to be welling to take ricks and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Brett !
Because he was her friend, he knows her very welll and she knows him.
And very often people say they have mary their best frien or a very long time friend.
True love is sometimes just near to us, but we need more or less time to figure it out.
I like Monty too, but I don't see him with Ella.