Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Twenty-Eight

Chapter twenty-eight of The Prettiest Thing has just been posted on so please read, review and let me know what you think but you all know the drill by now. I really like this chapter and I hope everyone does too. It gives insight into both Ella and Brett's thoughts about the New Year's Eve incident and I am interested to see which side people take. Also, below is a picture of Corey and Kyle Colfax. Kyle has been mentioned in several chapters as a friend of Brett and Trevor and honestly, has become the perfect guy for Corey though their relationship is more based on having fun and sex then becoming serious. I am really excited for the next chapter and I hope to start working on that as soon as I finish this post. Thanks for reading and reviewing ahead of time. You know how much I appreciate it. Happy Wednedsay!

Corey and Kyle


Anonymous said...

Aw I was so looking forward to Brett & Ella having some happy time but I guess not! Still though I think it's really sweet he doesn't want her to change, most girls would love it if a guy said that to her! I'm definetly on Brett's side for this argument, Monty's a big pain so I hope Ella doesn't start getting guilty & drifting back to him again.. :( hope her & Brett sort things out for good soon!

I'm really looking to see where this new relationship with Corey & Kyle goes! And I love the build up in Andy's relationship with Trevor & Ella, so cute!

Can't wait for the next chapter, hopefully with some Brett & Ella goodness! ;)

L x

Anonymous said...

Loved this chapter Kate. I think you did a fantastic job. I also can't wait to see where you take Corey and Kyle's relationship - though I did not write that in my review lol.

I just wanted to let you know that you have gotten me addicted to that song "She's so Lovely" I've been listening to it for the past two days lol.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate! Loved the chapter, there was so much good stuff in there.

I am worried about Ella's haircut though - I mean she has been a hard person for me to picture visually. Even after all the picture searching I've had a hard time getting a grasp on her looks but the one thing that was easy for me was the long dark hair. So I can say with Brett on this one - I love her hair and I hope she doesn't cut it too short. LOL! I can't believe that I am this into the stories that I am worried about the characters hairstyles!!

Anyway, keep up the great work! I'm always looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

NO Ella can't cut her hair.
Definitely on Brett's side Ella is his girlfriend and Monty was all over her.

Really strongly dislike Monty.
I know but I can't help it if I don't like his character.

I hope Brett & Ella sort out everything for good too and are happy together.

Amanda said...

Great chapter Kate. I wonder how Brent is going to react to Ella cutting off her hair. I cannot wait.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
This chapter definitely had lots in it. I loved the interaction between the siblings. It made me smile. I was a little disappointed with Ella though. I mean, she always thinks that Brett doesn't understand her and her need to change and grow, but she seems to completely not understand him either. He reacted in a way that came naturally for him and he wanted to protect her. Sure, she can not approve of that, but to then run out? I don't know.

I love how you can create characters that cause such strong reactions. I love Ella and Brett, but sometimes I get so frustrated with them and there continuous misunderstanding. Good work Kate in creating complex characters that react in completely human ways.

littlewiseone said...

Ok I'm in a new relationship and I'm starting to see how miscommunication at the beginning of a relationship can come so easily. You think you have said something so clearly but when if filters through the male mind they translate it differently. I think it happens vice versa as well. This s is what seems to be happening with Brett and Ella. They both know what they want but for some reason things are being lost in translation. It seems like it would be so easy to shift from best friend to boyfriend, or best friend to girl friend but it’s not. I think that the fact that they were best friend does not help when it comes to translating feelings in a new love relationship. You expect different things from a friend than you do from a mate. I don’t know why you just do.

Ella should have expected Brett to punch Monty, as her friend for disrespecting her, and defiantly as her boyfriend. Brett should have expected her not to be happy about it, as her friend, maybe not so much so that she still wasn’t talking to him days later. This seems like something that should have been fairly easily resolved.

Ella is worrying me a little. She seems so intent of changing, and kind of proving to everyone that she is growing up, that I don’t feel like she is doing it for herself. It seems a little knee jerk. Does that make any sense. I understand asserting some independence, but not at the detriment of everything else.

Can’t they all just get along. I want to see some happy people in the the next chapter. PLEASE. I know how happy silly things can make you in a new relationship, and it just takes so much energy to stay mad. Please happy Brett and Ella.

Update soon, Please

~Sorry I wrote a chapter as a review


littlewiseone said...

I really do act like these are real people. I hope you know that means you a great a character development.

Anonymous said...

I am a little bummed that Ella is so intent on changing who she is. This is just going to be trouble for her and Brett. She wants to be different from the "same old Ella" and he is looking for something that is constant because everything in his life is changing. It should be interesting though...

Hopefully Joy and Trevor will both get their heads out of their asses. She is making all these decisions without him, and then just springing them on him. While Trevor's anger is justified, he needs to get over it.

I really enjoy Lyla and Andy as well as Nick and Connie. I'm probably one of those weird readers who enjoys the secondary and tertiary characters as much, if not more than the primary characters.

Well whatever, sorry for the diatribe. I like your story, and I find myself way to involved with these characters, so good job.