Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wonderwall FanVid

Thank you so much to bulma-veggie for making the below video for the Wonderwall series stories. It is beautifully done and she even added Chester and Eve in it. Please watch it and let her know what you think of it in the comments section. Thank you a thousand times, bulma-veggie. I was so excited when I woke up this morning and saw it in my email inbox. You're awesome.


alessandra said...

Awesome video! Beautiful song, and I loved all the pictures!

Shannon said...

That was pretty F***ing cool!

Anonymous said...

That was great! ANd she got the whole crew. I was thinking or the stories each of those sharacters represent. Nice Photo recap. Good work, I know that had to take some time, and you had a lot of new pictures and a beautiful song.


sammie said...

loved it!!! =) nicely done!!

Anonymous said...

That was freaking amazing. Just incredible. I loved the song and the pictures. I now have the urge to go read the stories and catch up with all the characters.


Anonymous said...

Tks ^^
Just so you know, I choose those actors for Eve and Chester because they had played in a movie together, because we know that Eve is blond, but I have no idea of how chester looks like (brown, blond..)

And Holden is different because we couldn't find the name of the model/actor Kate chose on the beginning of the blog ... so I chose the prisonbreak actor.

For the picture when you see James Franco (Abe) talking to a girl, it's not of course the model chosen for Cecilia but she looks like her I think.(even tough he wears a WWI uniform) lol

Anonymous said...

That video was awesome bulma-veggie. It was beautifully done. Thank you for posting a picture of your interpretation of Chester and Eve. I really thought the picture of Chester in a cap with the cigarette rolled up on his sleeve was hot! The pictures you choose even had a bit of their personality. Thank you.


Danielle Madison Chu said...

I'm a huge fan. That's number one. You can't write these fast enough for me.

So this comment has nothing to do with Wonderwall. Although I will read it now.

I want to comment on The Prettiest Thing. I LOVE IT. Please write faster haha. I know I shouldn't rush but it's so sweet.