Friday, February 15, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Nine

I really love this new chapter. Chapter nine of The Prettiest Thing is now posted on and I am quite satisfied with the way it turned out even though most of it was written last night when I couldn't sleep. It is definitely a Brett chapter with a little bit of everyone thrown in for good measure. You get to meet Corey Carcetti, Monty's twin sister, and there is a mention of a new character, Joanna, who will be very important to Brett and Alex Dawson's story. Please read, review and be on the lookout for chapter ten, which will be all about the Homecoming dance and Lyla making her big secret announcement. I also hope to have chapter two of Ghetto Gospel posted tomorrow sometime as well.




Lauren said...

I just read and reviewed ch.9 on AFF and I loved it. Also, this is off topic but i was rereading some of your stories and I never realized that you mentioned Straylight Run is 'Something Pretty." It's weird because I know some of those guys. Being from Long Island and growing up in that particular music scene, you get to know a lot of people; including those who later become successful. In fact, me friend used to date Adam Lazzara. That song 'Great Romances of the 20th Century' is about her. Just something I thought you might find interesting and a bit of cool trivia if you happen to like TBS.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! I feel so badly for Brett, what a hard situation to be dealing with. Please say that he didn't blow his chances of getting a football scholarship? Good grief, it would have been one thing for his dad to have taken him out to dinner with Joanna and told him that way.

BUT for Alex to be caught sneaking in the house after a night out, sans wedding band and then putting it back on in front of Brett!? Seriously, what the heck was he thinking? I have to say after this chapter Alex is not my favorite person - even though he was technically doing nothing wrong his actions made him seem like a cheater. He needs to stop slinking around and be honest with his son. I hope Alex feels very badly for Brett's poor performance at the game.

Wow - I guess I felt pretty strongly about that one!! *laugh* Thanks for updating and I am really looking forward to the next chapter!


KittyCat86 said...

Hello! Great chapter! I loved that last interaction between Ella and Brett. They really are a cute couple.
Great job!

Anonymous said...

I'm really loving the story. Brett & Ella are so sweet, hope she says yes!