Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Post

Happy Tuesday everyone. I woke up, trying to convince myself that it was Wednesday, but alas, it is only Tuesday and I have about a foot of snow out my front door so I am trying to put off shoveling by posting on my blog. I hope everyone is doing well. I am working on chapter thirteen of The Prettiest Thing and I think I have finally accepted the fact that pleasing everyone is damned near impossible. I received a lot of criticisms for chapter eleven and how choppy it felt as I jumped from Ella to Joy to Lyla back to Ella again. Few people seemed to actually like that chapter. So for chapter twelve, I focused on Brett and gave more insight into his mind and actions. People didn't like that chapter either because they wanted to know what Trevor and Alex were thinking too. I just cannot win with some of you it seems lol.

This story is my own and I am going to write the chapters however I feel like. I also need to apologize for the past few chapters being less than perfect. I had some point out that my grammer wasn't the best or my writing not being necessarily good and I suppose that I was thinking faster than I was thinking. I know you all want me to post as soon as possible so I think I was just typing so fast and posting afterwards that I didn't read and edit as closely as I usual do. I apologize for this. I suppose I'm just so busy, I get so excited to post a new chapter just like you are excited to read it. I will take more time on my writing from now on.

Also, in regards to Ghetto Gospel, for the few people who read it and like it, thank you for letting me know what you honestly think of it. I know some are having a problem reading it because of the less than perfect English but I am trying to be realistic and this is how some of these characters would actually speak if they were in fact real. I understand that it might be difficult to read but thank you for trying. I knew when I started that not a lot of people would like this story but I am glad some of you are enjoying it. In regards to chapter thirteen of The Prettiest Thing, we are going to have a Trevor and Joy talk as well as a Brett and Ella talk. Remember that this is going to be a long story so the pacing is a little bit more slow than my other stories. I am building different storylines up and I know already that there are going to be some things in this story that people won't like but remember that I already have my outline so I am sticking by my stories and will not change any of the plots just to please.

I suppose writing and posting on-line is a double edged sword. I love writing and I love posting my stories for anyone to read. And I have some of the best readers in the world. I consider you all to be my friends. But posting on-line, I am opening myself up to a lot of criticism and some less-than kind emails. I appreciate the CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and take it all to heart and keep it in mind as I write but it is the cruel criticism that hurts me. Just remember that I don't have to post my stories. I think my skin finally might be getting a bit thicker though which is good. The picture posted below is a piece of art Alessandra made for me of Amelia Aldridge-Reed and I love it so thank you once again, Alessandra, for making it. Have a great day everyone and I will let you know when chapter thirteen is complete.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for chapter 13! For the talks between the couples, lol.

I'm glad you finally realized that you have to write for you, and not for others!

You are truly amazing Kate :)


sammie said...

you kept on saying how you accept criticism, but all you've been doing for the previous posts was complaining how people didn't like your chapter 11 and 12 of The Prettiest Thing, but it seems more like you don't handle criticism really well... you should really think positive of the negative comments, because everyone have different expectations on what they read and no matter what they said, they're still part of your devoted readers, and that they took time to read it, so you should be really happy that so many people are reading your stories... but anyhow, continue on your good works!!! you're an excellent writer n I have read and loved every one of your stories... please don't stop with the good work and I can't wait for chapter 13 to be posted!!

Anonymous said...

Yea for you, I love the new attitude. These are your atories and do them for yourself, the way you like them, and guess what we will naturally fall in love with them.


Sphynx said...

You do have to understand that not everyone's tastes are the same, and you will never be able to please everyone. Writing only on what the reader wants can make for a story that upsets a lot of people, because while some might like the multi-thought chapters, others like consistancy. Stop trying so hard, and write what YOU want to write.

I do have to agree with the above post that you don't seem to handle criticism well. It's somethign that we can ALL work on (myself included xD I tend to get defensive of my stories as well). Just understand that somtimes when people are griping, they're not doing it to hurt you. They're doing it because we're human, and unfortunetely, that's just how we're wired.

Try not to let every comment put you down - think of it this way; if every author that we know and love had stopped writing just because some nameless person told them their work was crap, we'd never have any books! Think of the crit that J.K Rowling has gotten! Stephen King, Stephenie Meyer, and other really amazing authors. Bad reviews, as much as they suck, are part of the joys of writing.

Remember that you do have readers who love you. They make up for all the bad ones!


Anonymous said...

I love ALL of your stories!!
Im completely addicted!

I wish you would start the Flower Girl again! I am fascinated by the beginning, i want more of that too!


Anonymous said...

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