Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Ten

Chapter ten of The Prettiest Thing has just been posted and it is the longest chapter so far of this story. I absolutely love thist chapter and I hope others will too. I have made a slight change to the story outline and that change involves Lyla and her husband, Andy. It will be more detailed next chapter. Please read and review for me. I am loving all of the feedback and encouragement I have been getting for this story and I thank all of you for that. Below are pictures of Ella and Joy's homecoming dresses, Andy Novak - Lyla's husband - and the song "So Sorry" by Feist which the couples dance to. Also, in this chapter, there is a sex scene and I know that it seems sudden but honestly, this is the exact pacing of which the story has been going in regards to this particular story line. I didn't particularly want to write a love scene. I wanted to write something a bit more realistic. You'll hopefully see what I mean when you read it. Please read it and review it for me!

Ella's Dress

Joy's Dress



Amanda said...

Brillent chapter, once again you did a fantasic job. Love the dresses as well. But how are Nick and Connie going to feel about Lyla's marriage?

Anonymous said...

Oh thank-you, thank-you! That was a good chapter. Where to start?

I was SHOCKED to see that Joy and Trevor took such a huge step in their non-relationship. I hope it doesn't bite them on the butt later, I noticed no protection was mentioned.

Also, I hope that the dance goes better for Ella - she seemed kind of sad there at the end. The poor girl deserves some grand romantic gestures some time soon!

And what will the parents say about the new son-in-law? Thats bound to be a shocker!

Can't wait for more, thanks for the update!


Anonymous said...

I am really loving this story, and I'm so glad that you have decided to flesh it out and give a ton more details. I happen to like all the supporting stories instead of only focusing on Brett, Ella, and Trevor.

As for this chapter, Ella is just the sweetest thing and she is just breaking my heart. Brett is obviously not going to get his crap together for a while, so why not let her show him what he's missing? I say bring on Monty. I mean I understand Brett is in a tough spot, but come on! enough with the mixed messages.

The Trevor and Joy thing, I wasn't surprised to see it happen. And I noticed that several people have mentioned the unprotected sex, but I hope you don't go that way. With your description about Joy, I would assume that she was on the pill. Quick question though: was her boyfriend at the dance?

As for Lyla, I'm sensing some trouble between her and the parents. I think Connie is going to take it especially hard.

But enough of my theories, you already know how things are going to happen so I can only wait to find out your version. Can't wait for the next update.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic ^^ lol I love Brett and Ella's relationship, so sweet, beautiful !!

As for Joy and trevor, I did see it coming, no shock =D, I mean they are not innocent, and they have just let their instincts and passions make the choice for them, no big deal !! I can't wait to see what's gonna happen for them, regrets? Secret relationship? Fight? ...

Interesting to see lots of relationship's beginnings , that you described very well:
true love, soulmates, passional, mariage, Brett's father hope for a new lovestory, .....

KittyCat86 said...

OMG! Such an amazing chapter! I loved to see Brett and Ella like that and also the conversation between Lyla and her husband! Not to mention the scene with Joy and Trevor; maybe it was a bit sudden but I loved it! However, I didn't understand if her boyfriend was at the dance.

This was definitely one of my favourite chapters of this story. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Aww that was such a sweet chapter! Loved all of the Brett/Ella intercation, so adorable!

The Joy/Trevor thing didn't surprise me that much I knew something would happen but it's all good devlopments I think.

Can't wait for the next chapter to see how Lyla's news is taken & poor Ella I hope Brett cuts her a break soon & opens up a little more. I really love this story can't wait for more!! Nice Andy btw too ;)

Sara said...

LOVED THIS CHAPTER! So much happened, it was amazing - and it was all great stuff! I feel so bad for Ella though, I hope the dance gets better for her. That girl deserves some 'sweep her off her feet' romance at this point!
And Layla & Andy - so cute! I really look forward to hearing more about that, hopefully you will induldge us with more details on their relationship. Maybe a one-shot when this is all done.........


Sara said...

OH! And Joy & Trevor (how could I forget that!) I loved that - it was random and shocking and totally rocked. I think it's great when you surprise us with stuff like that. :)

Can't wait for 11!