Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hands On Me

Despite the few reviews I received, for the most part, people seemed to have chapter eleven of The Prettiest Thing. And if you have ever seen "This is Spinal Tap", you can just picture me then saying the infamous 'these go to eleven' scene whenever I write about chapter eleven. Wow. That was random. I am really tired. Anyway, most people seemed to really dislike this chapter considering I received hundreds of hits and thirteen reviews. It actually hurts my feelings a little bit. I love this chapter. I thought it was one of my best-written... possibly ever. I wanted others to love it too. I think people except action in every single chapter and while I could do that, that's not what this story is. It's about every day life in high school. Was every day in your high school action-packed? Mine certainly wasn't. This story is about Brett, Ella, Trevor, Joy and everyone else just getting through each day with decisions they made the previous day. Like I have said, chapter eleven is actually very important to the overall story.

Below, I have posted a song: "Hands On Me" by Vanessa Carlton. I have been listening to it constantly lately and every time I hear it, I think of both of my stories right now. I think of Brett and Ella and of Preston and Jane. Give it a listen below and let me know what you think. I am actually working on a soundtrack list for The Prettiest Thing. Every chapter is named after a classic rock song and then on top of that, there are songs I hear that remind me of the story so there will actually be two soundtracks coming soon. Now tell me how crazy I am and how I just need to ignore people in the comments section but also let me know what you think of the song. Thanks everyone. Have a magnificent Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Ok Kate you already know what I'm going to say. "You are crazy I am and how you just need to ignore people." But no really I liked this chapter. I always like it when you can get a better understanding for what the chgaracters are feeling. I like that Ella found a friend, or rather a friend found her, and I'm happy that we get to see Joy's inner struggle, even when a relationship is going all wrong, we as women are the ones who try to hang on, and I like seeing how conflicted she is, it is all ver "real". Oh yeah, I liked the song. I really enjoy her music and I like the lyrics. I'm really a lyric person.


Anonymous said...

I love this story, and I especially liked this chapter a lot. I'm really enjoying the explicit details and the depth of the characters you're giving to them. And I do this exact thing that Ella is doing in this chapter. I spend hours in bookstores and cannot stand being disturbed. In the overall story and in this chapter especially, I feel like I can connect to Ella.

And I love the music that you use throughout all of your stories. I've downloaded all the songs from your stories and have a kind of soundtrack. You really do pick out some amazing music. I love it.


Anonymous said...

I read chapter eleven again, just to better understand other's arguments against it, and I stand by the fact that I like it. I like that you learn more about ella, and the fact that ella actually makes a friend. The plot thickens, as they say, because now ella and monty will be thrown together more often...thus making brett jealous perhaps. (**insert wicked smile here**).

I guess the only thing i didn't like about it was just how much was going on within the chapter. First it's ella's story, then it's joy's, then its lyla's, then its ellas again. Each of these characters I realize is important, but it just made the read kinda choppy.

However, I completely understand what you're saying about the "action packed" bit. No. There is not a single person out there who had an exciting day of high school everyday. It just didn't happen; and if it had I would have found out where and transferred to said school immediately. Haha. Your story is about the lives of ordinary people (not that the characters are ordinary mind you, just that they're not vampires, superheroes etc...thank god. :-), and ordinary people's lives are about quiet moments, contemplation and routine, not drama filled events and action, action, action.

So I guess what I'm saying is be proud of your work as an author. I think you're fabulous. So do A LOT of people. And I love your stories. They are the only reason I log on to aff. I might not always agree with a cliffie or an ending you write (especially if brett and ella dont get together...hint, hint. haha) but I will always respect your work and the amount of time and devotion you give to your stories and your fans.

thank you for making any day you update, a better day for me.