Friday, February 8, 2008

The Prettiest Thing - Chapter Seven

I have just posted the seventh chapter of The Prettiest Thing on and I am really loving writing this story. It is just fun with drama mixed in. I hope everyone is enjoying it as well. As always, read and review for me. Check out The Homecoming Queens Myspace page and listen to their songs featured. Lauren, a fan of my writing, is the drummer and I am now a fan of hers. I have given the band a shout-out in the seventh chapter and thank you to Lauren and the Homecoming Queens for letting me do that.

A new character is introduced in this chapter: Monty Carcetti. I have mentioned before when discussing The Prettiest Thing that Ella is going to be meeting new people that will both be her friends and give Brett some competition. Below, is a picture of how I imagine Monty to be. I hope everyone enjoys this chapter. This weekend is pretty mellow for me so hopefully, I can have a couple more updates in the next couple of days.



alessandra said...

I like Monty's character so far even though I think he's going to be causing a lot of trouble for Brett and Ella. This chapter was really well written, cannot wait for more :)

Lauren said...

Thank you soooo much for putting my band in your story. I was so excited to see that. When our new cd comes out I'll definitely sneak you a copy online. And it's funny that you put "The Thin Man" in this chapter because I just bought the box set of those movies. It's such a great series. Anyway, great chapter and thanks again!

felicity said...

hi templeton,

just wanted to say that i am loving this story and that each chapter has been a pleasure to read. thank you so much for your dedication to both your stories and your fans.

p.s. don't know if your familiar with the artist landon pigg, but I was listening to his music as I was reading chapter seven and had some "whoa" moments because his music fits ella and brett so well. he has two songs "coffee shop" and "can't let go," which if you get a second you should listen to. I've attached his myspace page below.

thanks so much for your amazing stories


Anonymous said...

Loved it, Love You. Your great.

Anonymous said...

I just found this story of AFF and saw that you have a site, so I thought I would come check it out. I really liked the story and I will be reading more of your old stories. Does anyone on this site have any ideas which one I should read 2nd?

New Fan, Amy

alessandra said...

To Amy;
I think you should read all of them! lol but I would strongly recommend reading one of these three, as they are my favorites of Kate's.

1. Beyond the Grey Sky
2. More Than Anyone
3. Collide

I hope you enjoy Kate's wonderful stories as we all have :)

Anonymous said...

defz read all her oneshots, their sooo good!!

Tif said...

AHHH Channing Tatum is a character. The only sad part is he's going to be the other boy lol. He's my favorite actor, for his looks mainly haha. I like Monty a lot and I can't wait to see how he and Ella hit it off!!!!