Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone! I hope everyone has a good day today. I promise you that I am working on both new chapters for A Fairy Tale and The Prettiest Thing. The weekend and yesterday had just been crazy for me but hopefully, things are slowing down, somewhat, and returning to normal. Hopefully, a new chapter to one of these stories will be posted tonight. Keep your fingers crossed and I will try my hardest to not disappoint any of you.

One reader, Danielle, emailed me with this question: "Are Ryan Reed and Brady Reed related at all?"

I was wondering how many people would have this question after I created the character of Ryan and gave him the same last name. At first, I was going to have them be cousins and have Brady make a cameo in Circle Park but at the last moment, I edited it out and decided to have no relation between the two. I was just feeling uncreative with last names and recylced one. Sorry about that but Ryan and Brady are not related to one another.

Also, another reader, Paula, sent me an email as well: "I was listening to some music and all I could think about was The Prettiest Thing when I was listening to 'It's High Tide Baby' by The Blackout. If you haven't heard it already, maybe you'd like to check it out?"

Below, I have posted the song and I love it after listening to it about ten times. Listen to it yourself and let Paula know what you think of her song. Remember, if you have any questions or song suggestions or fan art, please email me. Thank you.

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alessandra said...

Loved the song! Can't wait for an update, you're incredible