Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Prettiest Thing FanArt

I wanted to post this piece of fan art by Alessandra when I posted the announcement for chapter eleven but the site wasn't allowing me to post pictures at the time so I wasn't able to. I want to post it now for everyone to see and enjoy. Lauren also made me some art for Ghetto Gospel which I will post when I let everyone know when chapter three is complete. I love all of the art I get from all of my incredibly talented readers and I love you to death for taking the time and making all of these for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I just reviewed chapter eleven for "The Prettiest Thing". Sorry for the late review. I put the blame on school work. I'm not a big fan of Vanessa Carlton, but I really like this song by her. I've never heard of it until now so thank you very much. I hope your children are doing good. Yesterday I was in Labor and Delivery and a woman gave birth to twins and it reminded me of you for some reason and I don't even know you. See you've become a part of my life without even knowing it. You too have a magnificent Thursday. May I suggest that you get some rest, please.


Anonymous said...

No one would make fanart if they didn't enjoy the stories. Please know you have loyal fans and even if we don't get a chance to review right away it is not because the story didn't deserve it. Also I often print the story and take it to work, or come back trwice before I review that adds to you hits but it is really just me hitting you story several time per chapter. Sorry I will try not to do that.