Sunday, February 17, 2008

Story Details

Okay. Let me explain something about The Prettiest Thing since I received a review and several emails about it. In this story, without a doubt, the main characters are Brett Dawson and Ella and Trevor Scott. Some feel that when I write about Alex, Lyla, Nick and Connie, I am shining too much light on supporting characters and taking too much focus away from the three main ones. I have explained this but I am going to do so again. Every character in this story is important. We're only nine chapters in and for some people to tell me how to write my story and what characters I should focus on is ludicrous. If you don't like fleshed out characters and something more to your stories than boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, cliched drama, happy ending, then don't read my stories. Easy as that. The Prettiest Thing is going to be my longest, most detailed, and most intertwined plot I have ever written and I know most of you are excited for it.

As for Ghetto Gospel, it is not going to be like Romeo and Juliet. I love Shakespeare but I hate the fact that anytime two different people fall for each other, they instantly think of that play. Preston and Jane are two very different people, yes, and there are going to be a lot of complications in their love story but aren't a lot of love stories like that without instantly being compared to Romeo and Juliet? I am writing this story because I have never written something like it before. I wanted to explore stereotypes and hidden prejudices that every race has about others. I wanted to write a story about two people finding one another that normally neither would have ever thought of. I think finding love in something unexpected is beautiful. And a little spoiler - Preston and Jane won't be killing themselves at the end of it.

What it comes down to is this and it's rather simple. If you don't like my stories, don't read them. If you want the typical high school romance, go to and click on nearly any story there. If you want authors that throw characters in for no apparent reason and then have them quickly disappear, read something else. I am going to defend this story and these characters to the death because I am so in love with every thing I am writing right now. If someone wrote a story about me, yes, I would be the main character, but I wouldn't be the only one. There would be others with their own stories and their stories would relate back to me.

How does Alex dating have nothing to do with Brett? Alex is his father and Brett is deeply hurt by this action. How does Lyla's marriage have nothing to do with Trevor and Ella? They are all close siblings and Lyla is going to begin to set a rift between herself and her parents in an otherwise extremely tight-knit family. Every character is important to the three main ones. I know the summary seems simple to The Prettiest Thing but it is so much more than Brett falling for Ella and vice versa. I just hope that enough of you stick around to read and find that out.


Anonymous said...

again, you are the writer, do what you want, write what you want to write, and if people love it good for you, ... and if they don't that's their right but they just don't have to read the story ...
I'm your fan, and I love how your 2 news stories are kind of differents from the previous ones.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

To be honest and nothing against Shakespear but I dislike Romeo and Juliet. If someone read it when they were in high school it might be beautiful but try reading it when you're in a mature state of mind I bet your opinion will be different. With this line you had me laughing, "And a little spoiler-Preston and Jane won't be killing themselves at the end of it." I love it when you find a sense of humor in all of this Kate. I don't know what else to say I'm quite speechless, haha, you said it all. You know you're doing an awesome work when it's being criticize because it's new and people can't understand it yet but it will all come together.


Anonymous said...

hi Kate! Well said! No story has just the main characters in it. There will always be interaction with others (otherwise, how boring would that be?). And some level of understanding needs to come with these characters - enough so, so that we understand more about the main character and how this other person affects them.

As for Ghetto Gospel, did people really think it was going to be like Romeo & Juliet? This is quickly turning out to be one of my favorite stories (and we're only two chapters in!). It's very different from anything you've written and so far you are doing a fantastic job! And thanks for the spoiler. ;) very clever.

I am very in love with both stories, so I'll definitely be sticking around. :)


Anonymous said...

I am with you on this one for sure! Many of your original stories on AFF followed a similar formula of: boy and girl meet, fall in love, drama comes in, they resolve it, and live happily ever after.

Now, there is nothing wrong with that but I for one am very glad to see that you are expanding as a writer to include different formulas and various plot themes. Those other people are most likely just wanting a cookie-cutter story that anyone can turn out and you aren't the same writer you once were. Be proud of that!


Anonymous said...

Kate, as I've always said before, you're an amazingly talented writer, and you should be so absolutely proud of yourself! You will always have us loyal fans to read ANYTHING that you write. People have said this to you many times before, but I am going to say it again, you have to write for you, and not others! The Prettiest Thing and Ghetto Gospel have the potential to knock out The Prize and Something Pretty from my top favorites list of your stories, and you shouldn't let peoples negative comments about the two discourage you.

Ghetto Gospel is something like I've never read before; an interracial relationship. I've never seen any kind of story like it before and so far, I'm loving it!

The Prettiest Thing, no doubt is just amazing and beautifully written! I love ALL your characters, and I love that you are making it not just about Brett & Ella but about everyone else as well. I also love that you are making it detailed, and long, it gives us readers a way better view of what's going on in the story. We get to picture every single detail, and to be able to write like that, is a gift!

So again, you're the best, and don't let negative comments bring you down.


Amanda said...

I love your stories and I love how you are showing the intensity and expanding on what's out there in the world. I agree with you, love is a beatiful thing when it come unexpected. You are a great writer and I cannot wait til you update next time.