Friday, February 1, 2008

Characters of The Prettiest Thing

I have a feeling that a lot of people have read the new chapter of The Prettiest Thing and since it was a Trevor/Joy centric chapter, not too many people enjoyed it. I am sorry about that. I know a lot of you could care less about these two characters - judging from some of the emails I got - and that you want all of the focus to be on Brett and Ella. I am sorry you feel that way. Every character I am writing, they are going to be very important throughout the story. The story isn't just about Brett and Ella finding something in one another.

It's going to be about Trevor going through a major transformation during his senior year. Every thing he thought he wanted his entire life is going to change. Same thing with Joy. Alex Dawson is going to be thinking about dating again and Brett is going to have a problem with it. Connie Scott is thinking about wanting another baby and how Nick reacts to it. Mrs. Moone is going to be helping Trevor when no one else can seem to. Brett is going to feel pressure about the scouts and Trevor's entire life is going to be turned upside down by one singular event. Ella is going to try and put herself out there to meet new people and make new friends. She will even have another boy interested in her, which will complicate even further the already delicate relationship between herself and Brett.

Every character in this story is important and every action they take is intertwined with every other character in this story. It isn't just about Brett and Ella and their hestitant love story. I can't just jump into them being madly in love when the story is only six chapters so far. Everything must be built up. The story must be set before everything starts moving forward.

Every character I have created has their own story to tell which will change everyone else's story around them. The Prettiest Thing is about a group of people with their own individual connections to one another and who will be responsible for changing everyone's lives around them in the course of a year. I am excited to write such an intertwining story and it is going to take me some time to tell it. I suppose the point of this entry is just to tell everyone is:

Every character in this story is important. Brett, Ella, Trevor, Joy, Alex Dawson, Nick Scott, Connie Scott, Mrs. Melissa Moone. And even Lyla Scott, Trevor and Ella's older sister, will come into play as well. I am creating entirely new lives out of my mind and these lives are going to be complicated and sometimes, you won't always read what you want.


Anonymous said...

Your explanation is what has hooked me now. I actually prefer when there are several stories going on at once and how they are connected keeps me interested.

I look forward to the many more chapters that you will be updating us with! Something to keep me going when everything else is not going as well in my life.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I'm so proud of you for sticking up for this story. Go you. Seriously, by what you have told us about it I think this story is going to be brilliant. You are the author do what is best for these characters and don't down play it for anyone. You are awesome Kate. I think Meryl Streep as Mrs. Moone is brilliant as well. I really enjoy it when characters are complex. Now my thrill radar for this story is like at its peak. I'm going to read chapter 6 now before I get busy with homework. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Just do what you want to do, and just write what you wanna write ^^
You had never disappointed us !! This story is really great the way it is.

alessandra said...

I love this whole idea of writing about EVERYONE and not only Brett and Ella because I love every character you have put into this story, and it's so much easier to understand the character when they have a story behind them and they aren't just floating.

I cant wait for more! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As the creator of this story, you have the right to do with it as you please. If it takes 30 chapters to fully develop the characters and plot, then great. Seriously, don't ruin a good story by jumping in too fast. Take your time, and if we grumble now and then, it's only because we love your stories. Personally, I don't think readers should object to the author's work. They especially don't have the right when the story isn't even complete yet. How do they criticize something when they have no idea what it is? Don't give in to the pressure!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Kate, I'll still be looking forward to read your story!! I am sure a lot of people will also!!! You're an awesome write, so don't let some small little things effect your writings!! Keep up the good work!


Amanda said...

I said it before and I will say it again. This story is going to be one to remember. I love how no one in your stories are just there and have some meaning to your stories. This one will be no different. You truly rasied the bar on how everything is going to connect and I think that wonderful and brillent. Keep up the great work Kate because you are truly a brillent author.

Anonymous said...

WAIT JUST A MINUTE! I JUST KNOW NO ONE IS TRYING TO TELL YOU HOW TO WRITE THIS STORY. This is your story, your characters, your imagination and your creativity, and you are doing a GREAT JOB! Don't let anyone make you think you are not. I'm really falling for this story and now that you have given me more insight into where it is heading I'm even more edger for chapters. No Pressure! :) Have a good weekend with your family and don't think about the fact I c
Shannaheck for an update about once per hour on the weekends. ;)


Tiffany said...

Now I know that a lot of people may prefer Brett and Ella but Joy and Trevor just need some getting used to. We've been focusing elsewhere and now we just need to focus on them. Good Chapter regardless of what anyone said.

Poetess111 said...

I like the Trevor/Joy stuff (and everything else you write). Don't get discouraged because the only people being vocal are negative - you have tons of adoring readers!!!

I look forward to seeing what comes of everyone in the story!