Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wallace and Hannah

As I write this, I am also working on a one-shot, possibly a two-part, story called Between the Lines and it is about the relationship between Wallace Aldridge and Hannah Smith. It will also feature Amelia Aldridge-Reed and Casey Reed from Some Kind of Wonderful. I hope to have it posted either tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Between the Lines:
She was the love his life. He just never told her when she was around. The only way he can now is by writing a book about her. He needs her back in his life but he has not seen her in almost a year and no one will tell him where she is. Wallace Aldridge is determined to find her though because whether or not Hannah Smith wants him, he knows he needs her more than anything.





The Twins


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I like the way you wrote this kind of blog.

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girlfixer said...

I love this! I'm really excited about reading this one :]


Anonymous said...

I'M SO EXCITED TO READ THIS! It sounds great! I love this couple!

Chez said...

Sweet sounds awesome!

Can't wait to read this story!

Anonymous said...

I can not tell you how excited I am for this story. I loved Hannah and Wallace in Some Kind of Wonderful.


littlewiseone said...

Can't wait, I have already checked for it twice since last night.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Kate,

Stop teasing us with summaries because I'm so ready to read it:) Wallace makes me laugh because he was so scared of their age differences and how forward Hannah was with her feelings, haha. I find Hannah absolutely adorable because she loves Wallace with reckless abandonment, haha. Have a good Monday.


Anonymous said...

I would love to ead this! I love how you are writing fics about the children of the characters in the fics you wrote before.