Monday, July 21, 2008

The Flower Girl - Part II

Part II of The Flower Girl is posted on so please, check it out for me. Read it and review it for me. I really am loving this story and I know it is so different than my other stories but I am hoping that people are willing to give me a chance and let me branch out and try other things. A lot happens in this chapter but there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered in regards to Molly and Hawkin.

Before anyone says it is, this is not a religious story. I love mythology and I actually have pulled a lot of things from those books that I have read. Also, the tv show "Carnivale" was an inspiration - a show I highly recommend to anyone and everyone. I am so excited when I think about what is to come in this story. Please review for me. It really motivates me. Thank you! I also have pictures of Molly and Hawkin to post but I am having difficulty doing that at the moment (computer problems) so I will load them as soon as I can. I hope everyone is having a good day.


Amanda said...

Well done I love reading that chapter. I love how you explain parts on what's going on. You got me hooked. I cannot wait to read the next chapter.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Hope your doing great on this Monday night. I'm extremely happy that you posted chapter two of "The Flower Girl". Yesterday I went to see the Batman movie with my brother and there is this one movie trailer called "The Watchmen" and it has such a badass song by the Smashing Pumpkins called "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning". The music was great it made the movie look awesome. My point is take a listen to it if you haven't. It could go with "The Flower Girl" too. Good night.


littlewiseone said...

This story is a plesent change. It still has you flavor but it is something different. I'm really enjoying it, and I could totally see how she could fall in love with her guardian, and how that could compromise her safety. I could also see how a blossoming love could make him even more protective. I can't wait to see where you go with this. I hope you and the kids are enjoying the summer, and that it is not raining there as much as it is raining in Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I love this story. It's differnt from your usual stories, but so incredibly awesome. I can't wait to read more. The pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what they form. Great job Kate.

Anonymous said...

Love it, it's so intriguing, I'm a huge Stephen King fan and if you're going to write a fantasy supernatural story I'm totally with you, already I'm addicted to it lol especially since years before I tried to write and draw a manga based on a conflict/game between light and darkness !!
Well anyway can't wait to

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!

I think I'm one of your biggest fans! I've never come across such stories. Simplistic and Beautiful. That was my first impression. But as I read your stories, I realize there's alot more to it. I find myself constently reading your stories, because it always feels like I missed something, which I always do. And when I find the missing pieces, I find myself reading your stories again to find the rest.

Your stories leave me awed and a desire to be loved in this way. But at the same time your stories remind me that I am loved and my own love story maybe be unfolding in this very moment.

Thanks for sharing your gift of writing that touched my heart and lifts up hope.

God has created you for a reason, and it's to write stories as beautiful and pure as these.