Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Characters of The Flower Girl

Most of my stories have a large supporting cast of characters and The Flower Girl is no different. Each character in this story will be extremely important and they will begin to be slowly introduced in part III as well as chapter IV. Below is a list as well as pictures of each character. Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed this story for me. I think it has turned into my summer story and I am enjoying writing it immensely. I love trying new things with my writing and I am very happy that it is being well received by most of you.

Molly Lombard – The Eye; creature of light
Riley Hawkin – protector of the Mogue; Molly’s guardian
Vincent Marlowe – soldier for the army of darkness; Hawkin’s main adversary
Anderson Crow – leader of the Mogue
Rebecca Eaton – leader of the darkness; only person in contact with the creature
Brookston Fowlers – protector of the Mogue; Anderson’s right hand man
Felix Fox – protector of the Mogue; Hawkin’s closest friend
Phineas Hudgens – assassin for the darkness
Alice Fowlers – a healer; Brookston’s wife
Helen Eaton – Rebecca’s granddaughter; soldier for the army of darkness











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Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Good morning. I just got off of work. I like that quote by Samson from the Carnivale especially when he said, "...and man forever traded away wonder for reason." The cast looks good. Looking forward to part III of "The Flower Girl". Thank you!