Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All I Ask of You

Prepare for the most random story you will ever read from me. This summer, with me taking it easy and writing whenever I am inspired, I have written another one-shot, All I Ask of You, which is now posted on Sometimes, I just want to write these little romances that are far too fluffy for their own good and make me smile. Please read and review. I know it is really random and I might write a second part but I hope everyone enjoys John and Vanessa's story.

Below are pictures of John and Vanessa and I know that the actress is the same I used for Amelia from Some Kind of Wonderful but I think the actress, Leighton Meester, is beautiful and she is actually how I envision a lot of my heroines - including Vanessa from All I Ask of You. And I just think Robert Pattinson is too good-looking for his own good (though I still do not agree with him being cast as Edward in Twilight). Anyway, please read and let me know how random it is.

I will be on vacation all next week - my first real vacation in almost two years - so there will be no updates but I am sure to come back with tons of ideas and inspiration flowing from me. I will post once more before I go so in the meantime, have a wonderful Wednesday and read All I Ask of You for me. Thank you!




littlewiseone said...

I went there. . . .I don't see it, what happened?

GirlFixer said...

I loved it! These fluffy little numbers are great, I'm really enjoying them :]

I have a huge crush on Rob, but I think he'll make a great Edward. I'm a huge fan of the books, so I was a bit apprehensive when I heard they were making a movie, but I think Rob's so painfully gorgeous, and he's really talented, too. I think he'll do great :]


Anonymous said...

Aww that was so sweet I love all these new stories you're writing! I hope you go back to this couple sometime in the future, i'd love to hear more on them. I agree about Leighton Meester, she's so stunning & I never actually heard about Robert Pattison but thanks for that little introduction!

Have a great time on holidays i'm going away next week too, i'm allergic to all the packing but i'm so excited to go! Hope you relax & enjoy yourself and if you feel like writing anymore random stories or updating your other ones i'll be reading but i'm sure i'll have lots to catch up on when I get back at the end of July!

L x

littlewiseone said...

Absolute Delightful! I really enjoyed this piece of "fluff" as you call it, and I would love to see this couple again in the future. Venessa remindend me a little of Ella, and of course you know I love Ella.
I like these little short stories. Thanks for my templeton fix!

Chez said...

Loving all the one-shots at the moment to lighten the mood!

haven't reviewed for a while i've been very busy with my research at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I love the little fluffy oneshots. They make me really happy. This one made me think of the lyrics from the band Voxtrot, the one that's all "I know that you're in love with her / I can tell by the way that you never touch her or look at her"

Amanda said...

Hey Kate, sorry that I didn't have the chance to read your stories in the past week, I've been busy with life. So I am going to review in all in one shot.

I love the chapter in A Slow Burn since it shows what feelings are developing between Rob and Lauren. Although things are complicated between them. Well done.

I love the fluffliness in A Long Walk Home. It was clever way to show how Ruby and Pete like each other just by the simplist thing they did in class. I love it and how sometime the smallest thing can create the biggest different.

Lastly All I Ask of You was a great way to show sometimes words aren't always needed for strong feelings of like to developed. It was well done and a fantastic read.

Great stories Kate, after a rough couple of weeks, it is great to read your stories. Keep up the great work Kate. You are one of the most Talentest writers I have ever read. I cannot wait to read your next chapters to either A Slow Burn or The Nicest Thing and all of your one-shots.