Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nate and Gretchen

Here I am in beautiful - but hot as hell - New Orleans and our hotel tonight has internet access. I just wanted to write this down because I haven't written anything in days and I feel like I am going crazy from not doing so. I have been thinking about my next one-shot, both for Fictionpress.com and for Nothing Else Matters and I think I am going to write about Nate Hardwick and Gretchen Sheppard from Wonderwall and Even After All. This couple has always had their own story but I never told it and I am thinking that perhaps it is time I do. If you remember, Gretchen is Poppy's older sister with an eating disorder and Nate is her boyfriend then later, her husband. I really think that this is something that I want to write but would it be a oneshot anyone would be interested in reading? Let me know. Now, I leave for Bourbon Street. Have a good week everyone! Stay cool!




littlewiseone said...

You just can't stop thinking about us huh. We're honored. Have a great trip. Oh and yes, I would love to read this story. I really liked Nate because he has to be a really strong guy to help her work through her eating issues.

Chez said...

i can't believe even though your on vacation you still are constantly turning those clogs in your mind for us your dear readers.

looking forward to this story when its done!

and enjoy your holiday

Anonymous said...

Ah here enjoy your holiday!

And I would LOVE to read a story about Nate & Gretchen.

Hina said...

Although I absolutely love it when you're constantly updating your blog with your beautiful writing, I'm glad that you're on vacation and getting a chance to relax.

I think a Gretchen/Nate one-shot (even story) would be excellent! I always love reading stories about all the characters you write about, big and small.

I hope you're enjoying your vacation and I look forward to reading another one of your masterpieces! :-)

Anonymous said...

You're supposed to be on vacation, Kate! :) As for your new idea, I think that it's a great choice. I always knew there was a story waiting behind the wings with Gretchen, but it just wasn't her time to tell it. I think knowing Gretchen's story will also enhance Poppy's. Lovely idea!


Danielle said...

i would love to read this story, but i think that covers anything you write. lol but seriously, i always loved nate and gretchen, and i would love to read more about them :) i hope you are having a great trip!!!

sammy said...

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=) good luck, and enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I miss you yet I'm so happy that you are in New Orleans! Lucky you! I know New Orleans will give you tons of inspiration, ideas, and a bunch of story lines. I wonder if you'll ever dabble into writing a story on the supernatural.

Sorry, I haven't been checking lately due to computer issues but it is all good now. Goodness even when you feel not inspired you have a ton posted on fictionpress that I have to read and review. I hope to do a couple or maybe all tonight. Not sure yet.

Yes, I would love a Nate and Gretchen one shot. Kate, I think Robert Pattinson will grow on you as Edward. I'm actually eagerly awaiting for the fourth and final book of the story that is coming out next month.

Have an awesome weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

As much as I love that you're away and taking time off...i can't wait for you to come back! haha. but i hope you're having a total blast and relaxing in the sun. don't get too burnt though!