Monday, July 14, 2008

Life Update

Hi everyone. I am back from vacation and already, I have so many things going on with regards to all of my stories. Please read this post carefully:

The Nicest Thing and A Slow Burn are ON HIATUS until the summer is over when I have more time to update my multi-chaptered stories and more people are around to read and leave me feedback. I know the summer months are incredibly busy for all of my readers (not that the cooler months are any better for some of you) but right now, I want to focus on lighter, shorter stories. So everyone will have to wait for continuations of Corey and Kyle and Rob and Lauren.

The Prettiest Thing has been offically copyrighted (my aunt is a lawyer and helped me) so I have decided to post it again on If anyone steals it from me, they will be sued so I am much more comfortable posting my "greatest work" online again since I know so many of you love and miss it. I am in the midst of editing it and *crossing fingers* am hoping to publish it. My uncle has recently been published and he is going to be helping me with the process. I will post a chapter a day of the new and improved story starting tonight so be on the lookout for it.

I have many one-shots in the work, including a story for Nate and Gretchen, and since for me, this seems to be the summer of one-shots, I will post them as inspiration strikes me and I write them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I will make a post when the first chapter of The Prettiest Thing is once again posted. Thank you.


GirlFixer said...

That's cool with me - I'm really loving these one-shots, and you should only write when you feel like it's time. We'll love what you write no matter when you write it! :]

I've got such a good week this week. My birthday on Thursday :D, a free house for two weeks starting on the Friday, and my first driving lesson on Sunday! Woop. Hope you have an amazing week, Kate :]


Anonymous said...

Well, I must admit, I'm a little sad to not be able to continue reading about Corey and Kyle, I'm glad your posting these one-shots and The Prettiest Thing again! I'm so excited to read it again!

And I'm so happy that you got it copywrited! That's really exciting! I love that story so much, and I hope it gets published soon.

Love, Michelle

P.S. Is the new and improved version of TPT a lot different than the original?

Anonymous said...

TPT is coming back? Yay! And good luck with publishing. Who ever doesn't accept TPT has something seriously wrong with them.

I will look forward to reading more about Corey/Kyle and Rob/Lauren in a few months.
Anyway I can see Corey & Kyle in TPT :D

Kate enjoy your summer! All us readers will be here waiting for you and love anything you write because your writing is awesome.

Love, N.

Anonymous said...

Oh and did you pick the title The Prettiest Thing from a song by Norah Jones?

I was just wondering...


littlewiseone said...

Very exciting News, all of it. I will keep an eye out for the one shots, and I will also be eagerly awaiting the return of TNT, and Slow Burn.

I hope you had a great vacation, and that this is a relaxing summer for you struck. May you be constantly with instipation.

Also I can't wait to buy your books. I tell everyone about your stories I just know you are going to be BIG!

Anonymous said...

What about Ghetto Gospel?...

boomshine said...

I've been reading your work for weeks and felt it was just about time to actuslly tell you how wonderful your work is! I've nearly read all your stories on and look every day for updates. I'm pleased that you are getting somewhere with pulishing your story The Prettiest Thing - and I have to say it is the bst of your work. I'm sure it will only get better when you go through and "fine-tune" things. Hope goes all well and I'm sure you will keep us all posted on your progression! I'm looking forward to your one-shots that you have lined up for us this summer. Especially Nate and Gretchen story, I thought they stood out as a couple and I'm glad you are giving them their own background story.