Monday, July 28, 2008

Between The Lines - Part I

Part I of II of Between the Lines is now posted on and hopefully by now, everyone knows the drill. Please head over there and read it for me. Please review too so I know what you think so far of the story. I am definitely liking writing about Wallace and Hannah so far and I hope everyone likes reading about them. If you have read Some Kind of Wonderful, you may remember that Justin and Poppy had another child besides Wallace and Amelia. Danny Aldridge is in this story as well though I have made him a little older than he was first written. His picture is posted below and I have no idea who the Jonas Brothers are but the instant I saw those black curls, I instantly thought of Justin.

I hope everyone has had a good Monday and I am already working on the second part and hopefully will have it posted within the next couple of days. Thank you everyone!







Anonymous said...

oo im loving this so far! i cant believe that hannah was pregnant!
i can't wait until the next bit.

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Anonymous said...

LOVED it! Hard to imagine that you'll be able to tell the whole story in only 2 parts - it seems like it could be complicated. I know though that no matter how much you write about these two, it won't be enough for me - I've always wanted to read their story and I LOVE the first part so much already!
Can't wait for more!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh I'm lovin it!!!
I always wanted to read a story about them.... now you just have to write Matty's story, and I'll be SUPER happy!!!
Cant wait for the next part!!!
Please update soon!!
Oh and I cant wait for the next chapter of The Flower Girl... please dont take too long with that one too... I dont think my heart can take the wait!

littlewiseone said...

I'm sad for Wallace. amd I know Hanna is somewhere working out her demons so I'm also sad for her. This sadness means I need an update quick so I can get unhappy! Wonderful story. Can't wait for more.

Chez said...

As usual i'm loving it!!

Its going to be great to see how you finish the story in two parts!