Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thinking Out Loud

Good morning everyone. Just to let everyone know, I will be going out of town tomorrow for the holidays and will be returning the 27th so there will be no updates in that time. I am going to work on the last chapter of In a Red Dress and Alone today and hopefully, that will be posted sometime tonight. I'm not sure if this story is being enjoyed by all but I am thankful to everyone who has read and reviewed it for me. It means a lot to me. After this story is complete, I will be resuming with A Fairy Tale and I have been doing some thinking and inspiration for continuing The Prettiest Thing has just not been with me. I have at least four ideas for stories running around in my head and unfortunately, The Prettiest Thing plotline is not one of them. I will let you all know of the ideas later when I have them more fleshed out and I will let you all decide which story you want to read first.

I am also in the middle of working on a one-shot about Casey and Amelia Reed. I really want to write something for this couple so I am in the middle of working on it. Now, I know a lot of people want a Wallace and Hannah story but honestly... well, their story will be mentioned in Casey and Amelia's story but just so everyone knows, Hannah and Wallace are not going to be a couple. But that is all going to be explained in the story.

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alessandra said...

Yay! I can't wait until you post the last chapter of In a Red Dress and Alone. I hope you have a happy holidays!