Saturday, December 8, 2007


So I was on the internet yesterday and I began to find all of these pictures that reminded me of some of my couples and I wanted to post them for everyone. It's funny because every time I see a picture of a blonde girl on the beach, I immediately think of Lindsey from Blood and Honey and I think the picture I found is absolutely the most perfect picture for that couple. Let me know what you think of the other pictures I found.

Matt & Lindsey

Abe & Cecilia

Devon & Grace

Jamie & Violet

Ben & Olivia


twinklingdee said...

I think all the pictures you found are great. I especially love the Abe and Cecelia one! :)

alessandra said...

Their perfect! I love the Devon and Grace one, it really suits them! The rest are great too :)

Anonymous said...

:) lovely pictures. love the devon & grace one. -jL

Anonymous said...

Oooh I love the Jamie and Violet one ^^ beautiful! For Olivia she seems just too young on this picture ..

bulma-veggie french fan

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I've missed you! I finally have a spare time today. I can actually chill out for a whole day today! The pictures you choose to depict the couples are perfect. And may I add the pictures that you received from your fans a while ago are awesome as well.

I'm sorry to hear that someone has upset you by stealing your stories and this is the second story. Is this person asking for a death wish because we all know your stories by heart and if any of us sees it anywhere else they are going to get bombarded with hate emails. If I see it anywhere else I am damn sure going to do something about it. I think you have fans out there that will not allow this kind of stealing to happen to you. Did you get this person to erase the story off of that website? You should Kate. Do you need help in convincing this person to stop stealing your story if so I'll help you to stop this person from continuing.

Anyways, I hope you and your family are doing well. Happy Holidays! I'm going to review "The Prize" next. Did I tell you how appealing I find Tyson to be. I have a crush on a fictional character! I should get a life seriously.


Anonymous said...

i really love the abe/cecelia one! they are my favorite couple. if you write anymore oneshots please consider writing one about them!

Kristina said...

Oh I love these! I love the picture of devon and grace, it seems so sweet! I love all your stories!

Cariad said...

I love the pic of Abe & Cecilia. It is so them

Charmaine said...

Hey there!!!

Love the Devon and Grace pic!!!

Really cute!