Saturday, December 15, 2007

And the Winners So Far Are...

Results from my polls so far are as followed: the favorite leading man is Jamie Cross from Better Together though he and Ben Norfolk keep going back and forth. And the favorite leading lady at the moment is Olivia Grange from More than Anyone though Lucy Banks from Everything Will Be Alright, Camie Hall from Beyond the Grey Sky and Violet Littleton from Better Together all held the top spot at one point or another. Voting is still going on for Favorite Secondary Couple so be sure to cast your opinion.

Jamie Cross

Olivia Grange


alessandra said...

Oh my goodness! Jamie is hot! Haha, these voting things are a really good idea :)

Anonymous said...

I used to prefer your first picture of Jamie, more sweet, with a Sienna"violet"miller
( ) even if this one is hooot ^^

Just a question, In april on your blog you have posted a picture of Nikki, could someone please tell me whose that actress, i am sure I have seen her somewhere but I can't remember where lol ...

bulma-veggie french fan.