Thursday, December 20, 2007

In a Red Dress and Alone - Final Chapter

I just posted the fourth chapter of In a Red Dress and Alone and with this update, Cami and Reed finally get their mushy ending. Josh and Charlotte's story also ends as well - both hopeful with endless possibilities. Read and review for me and let me know what you all think. Thank you.


Stacy said...

Kate -

I have to say that was a really sweet ending to the story. Just a great chapter that sort of wrapped up the whole thing in a really nice way, you know? Just loved it.

Also - I never said anything about the "Wonderwall" rewrite, but I think if you're not happy with the first one then you have every right to rewrite it. It is your story, isn't it? My only question about it was what you were going to do with the other stories that were spin-offs of the original, like Casey and Amelia's, etc. Would you rewrite those too?

Anyways, great job!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic like always !!! A great beginning for those 2 couples. XD

KittyCat86 said...

*sigh* It was great! The perfect ending (or should I say beginning) for both couples :D

I simply loved it!!!

Monica said...

I'm really really happy with the ending and the fact that you completed this story so quickly.

You did an amazing job!