Friday, December 14, 2007

Stories In Progress

I have been working on chapter 15, the last chapter, of The Prize in any spare moment I can find for myself and it is almost complete. I hope to have it posted either tonight or sometime tomorrow. I'm quite proud of it so far. And with this story coming to a close, that leaves time for me to work on the others I have.

A Fairy Tale so far has four chapters and I was planning on making it have perhaps ten or eleven chapters. In a Red Dress and Alone is only going to have three chapters - a very short story - so I am going to work on that one first. After Reed and Cami's story is completed, then I will show all of my attention on Carrie and Andrew in their story. And I still get questions about The Prettiest Thing and I have been thinking about it. I am going to take the story down and start fresh after A Fairy Tale and In a Red Dress and Alone are commpleted. I am moving Brett, Ella and Trevor from high school and moving them into an adult setting and changing the plot slightly though it will still be about the best friend and the little sister falling for one another cliche.

Alright. So first is In a Red Dress and Alone and then A Fairy Tale and then I will begin work on The Prettiest Thing. I am letting everyone know this because there are people that want me to work on five stories at the same time and I cannot do that so this is my plan and I hope it is a plan everyone is satisfied with. There might be some random one-shots added in at times but I have none planned at the moment. Thank you to everyone who sticks with me and who supports my writing. You guys are the ones that keep me going and I hope this plan of mine pleases at least some of you.


Stacy said...

Sounds like a good plan to me, Kate! Now if only I could plan my homework the same way you plan your stories, LOL. I'll be sad to see "The Prize" end, for sure, because it's been a great story.

Can't wait to read it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I'm satisfied with whatever you can give us. We should be thanking you for doing this. So THANK YOU. I adore you to no end because your still the only author who is still willing to stick around. People should try to remember you have a baby and two toddlers to take care of so whatever you can give us is well appreciated by me. I also have to mention that I am a bit surprise by the results for favorite leading lady and man. I'm old school I just prefer your very first characters, haha, anyway majority rules. I'm gonna review "The Prize" chapters and Reed/Cami's' story tonight.


Anonymous said...

It's always as you feel it ^^ You are THE writer , we can only follow your choice and until now you've always made the best choices =D


So it's all between Better together and More than anyone on your vote XD

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!
I'm totally happy with your plan and can't wait to read the last chapter of The Prize. You're just one of those writers that bring a little extra happiness to my life when I see a new update ;)

alessandra said...

Sounds great to me! I'm so excited for everything you write. I'm still sad that Tyson and Amy's story is coming to an end :( But it's always going to be my favorite story.

One question though, you mentioned a while ago that you were going to be working on the third installment of Seven Minutes in Heaven, just wondering, is that still happening?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan. I'm just glad you decided to keep writing and posting. You do such a great job, and I look forward to reading anything you have written.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you have a line up although I warn you know it just gives us an idea of which story we should be bugging you about. JUST KIDDING! But thanks for the schedules and I will be excited to see updates. I hope you , Sammy, Justin and the Twins are having fun this holiday season and you take care.

Oh . . . .
I can't believe you are able to update so much with a newborn and twin toddlers, How do you manage? Any advice you can share, Maybe you should write a book about that.

I can't believe you are able to update so much with a newborn and twin toddlers, How do you manage? Any advice you can share, Maybe you should write a book about that.


Anonymous said...

Just a question...can one last chapter of Blackout be included in your future plans? I like the story, but the way you left it in Ch. 2 seems unfinished. One chapter should be able to wrap it up.

Whenever you can, no demands or anything. I know how busy you are with the family and other stories.

I look forward to reading whatever you update next, as I love all your stories.