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Most Romantic Moments

If you haven't been able to figure this out yet, I am very much in love with the idea of love. With each story I write, I try to be romantic - to try and write about things that I always dreamed about happening to me. I look forward to writing more stories for all of you to read and hopefully enjoy. I love the encouragement and feedback that I am constantly getting as well as the opinions and curiosity that people have in regards to the characters I create.

As a writer, it is important to me that I write stories that a majority of people like to read. I understand that I cannot please everyone but it seems that every reader I get has at least one favorite story. Of every story I have written, of every scene and line of dialogue, which is your favorite? What the is the scene that made you smile or tear up or made you want to read it again and again?

For me, personally, one of my favorite scenes is from Some Kind of Wonderful when Casey Reed and Amelia Aldridge make love for the first time. That particular love scene is the one I am probably the most proud of writing for I tried something different in the way I wrote the scene and I loved how it turned out. What is yours? Leave me a comment and let me know.


Anonymous said...

Ok for this on I'm going to have to do some research because you have truly got some awesome love moments in your collection. I will do a year end review of your stories and let you know my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

>> "More than anyone" (My fav' story and couple):
1--- He [...]began to ever so gently rub her back.
She closed her eyes and Ben was encouraged by her actions to keep rubbing her back in soothing circular motions with his hand. “What’s going on with our tickets?” She asked, trying not to let him know how much she was enjoying his technique of trying to help her relax.

2---The last one on her list however took him by surprise[...]
6. Thank Ben
Without being able to help himself, Ben settled back into his seat and looked down at her head still on his shoulder. He smiled.

3----“No, Livi[...]I’m not getting impatient with you. I love ‘ya.”
Despite having confessed the same words to him, [...], Olivia inexplicably felt tears swell her eyes.

(sweet chapter, I'm sure their first time must have been perfect ^^)

>>"The Prize" : WHen Amy and Tyson relationship became more serious and intimate (chap.12) it's very well writen and intense.

>>"Everything Will Be Alright":
1----“Why are you so cruel to me?”
His heart sank in his chest. He felt horrible.

2-----“Look, Will!” Lucy said [...] “I found your autobiography.” She held up the book for him. It was a copy of “The Fuck-Up” by Arthur Nersesian XD

>>"Something Pretty":
---- “Don’t be sorry,” he[...]took a step towards her. “I’ve been ignoring you,” he said softly.
“I know,” she whispered.

And so much more ....^^ but my message is already too long .. lol

bulma-veggie french fan =D

Lauren said...

There really are a lot of moments that I love but I'll try to narrow it down to only a few:

1. Chapter 2 of "Hands Down." The whole chapter is really sweet and endearing.

2. From "Strange Conditions"
Gracie. HIS Gracie. He had heard her correct people whenever they slipped and called her Gracie, politely telling them that it was Grace. He was the only one she let call her by that nickname and he couldn’t help but swell with pride at that fact.

3. From "Better Together"
With a deep breath, she spoke. “What’s your favorite breakfast food?” She asked quickly.

4. All of "More Than Anyone," but I really love that part with the glimpse of Harry and Anne getting ready to go out.

5. From "She Paints Me Blue"
Or there was the simple one of them lying in bed together, just talking. She would smile and laugh at him softly so not to wake the kids up and he would tease her and hold her and whisper things in her ear that made her blush and feel like the single most important person, thing, in his life because she was and always would be.

There are many, many more moments that I enjoy but I don't want to make this comment longer than it already is.

alessandra said...

I agree with everyone else up there, there is A LOT of romantic, sweet moments that you write about, but here are a few that I adored:

Something Pretty Chapter10
He shrugged. “That’s not you anymore, Brady,” George said gently. “And you know that. You’re just scared.”

“You’re god-damned right I’m scared.”

George smiled. “I meant that you’re scared of being with someone because you’re so used to hurting those close to you. You’re just using your addictions as an easy way out.”

Brady gave him a look, not wanting to let on that George may even be a little bit right. He shook his head. “But...”

“I think that you should sit down with Alexandria and talk to her. Talk to her about what you’re thinking and feeling and explain yourself because if you think that you’re sparing her from being hurt if you keep her away, you should see how hurt she is when all she wants to do is be close to you.” George stood up and signaled to Ruth that he’d be right with her. “It’s okay to want to be happy, Brady. No one said that you don’t deserve that. You were the one who decided that you couldn’t be.”

Seven Minutes in Heaven Devon’s lips covered hers and he kissed her as hard as he could, silencing her from saying anymore. She squeaked in surprise and he almost smiled but he kept his lips to hers, his arms sliding around her waist, hauling her body against his. Her body remained tense for another moment or two before she practically all but melted against him, kissing him just as passionately in return, her arms hesitantly circling around his neck. Devon knew she had made some valid points but just because they had been valid didn’t mean that they weren’t stupid. He didn’t care about any of that. He honestly did not care and he knew for certain that he wouldn’t in the future. Right then, all he cared about was Grace kissing him in return and how fucking amazing she fit in his arms, pressed against him.

Grace needed to breathe and she slowly pulled her head back, their lips prying apart. Her eyes remained closed for a moment but then she opened them and found herself staring directly into Devon’s. He smiled faintly and joining the knot, she now had butterflies in her stomach. “You shouldn’t have done that, Devon,” she managed to say in a whisper.

He stared at her, his smile fading but his eyes just as intense. “I wanted to.” He paused. “Actually, I’ve been wanting to do that since I barreled you down in the hallway a couple weeks ago.”

Grace hadn’t been expecting that and her eyes widened slightly. “Do you mean that?” His eyes gave her all the answer she needed. She smiled faintly. “You don’t even know my last name though.”

He couldn’t help but smile slightly. “So tell me your last name. Tell me anything. I want to know everything about you, Grace.” Every word he said, he meant it. She was completely captivating to him and he didn’t even know her. He wanted to though. He wanted to know this girl in front of him, in his arms, and who he couldn’t stop kissing.

Just What I Needed Chapter8
“Wait,” Lawson said suddenly, stopping them from walking any further. “I have to tell you something.”

“Okay,” Nikki said slowly, not sure what to expect. She never knew what to expect from Lawson.

“You look gorgeous tonight,” he said softly and sincerely, his eyes never leaving hers, and Nikki felt a blush break across her cheeks. He wasn’t playing around. He was serious and she wondered when he had gotten so sweet.

This was such a good idea, it's fun to see what other readers think of your work!

Gwen said...

That's quiet hard to answer your question !
Something pretty : the characters are very interesting, just like the story.
Some kind of wonderful : this is the story that makes me read your other stories, so maybe it's my favorite.
More than anyone : sweet story, my favorite scene ... maybe when Olivia and Ben are trying to make Toby jealous.
The prize : I just love the first chapter, with their encounter in the bathroom. I can visualize the scene, it's real and I like Tyson's personality.
The prettiest thing : I'm hopping to read this story very soon, I'm sure you've some good ideas about it.
Usually, I don't like to read romantic stories, because I'm afraid to read "clich├ęs" but yours, I just like them. There's always one or more real stories behind the love, with characters who are like us.
If you like romantic stories, you should read "The Bronze Horseman" by Paullina Simons, there is a beautiful love story (be careful, I know that in the US there had been different editions of the book, in some of them certain scenes have been cut. I read it in French, so I can tell you which edition is good or not). There is two other books that follow this one : "Tatiana & Alexander/ The Bridge to Holly Cross" (I read it too) and "The Summer Garden" (I don't read it yet).
I have read that there is another french fan ... well, I'm not alone, that's a good thing !
I wish you a happy new year.

Sionna said...

"More Than Anyone" - my favorite story, hands down.

Chapter 11 - Heather on a Hill. Their moments sitting on the hill making small but important connections with each other. Beautiful. They are easily my favorite couple.

I connect with it because I had such a "religious" moment sitting on a grassy hill in Ireland at sunset. There is something quite magical about the Celtic isles. I just wish that I had a "Ben" at my side at the time! LOL!

My second favorite moment would be when he showed up at her apartment at 2am and they share a kiss in the doorway.

Brian and Carrie are quickly becoming my second fave and I look forward to many romantic moments with them as well.

Anonymous said...

Ok this was HARD... So these are some of my favorites, but I would have to re-read all your stories to truly evaluate this:

The Prize: Ch:6
"It shocked him how quickly his body tensed up at the mention of another man asking Amy out on what could be definitely considered a date. His jaw clenched together and he chewed hard on the mouthful of sandwich. He didn’t know why it bothered him so much. It shouldn’t have. Amy wasn’t his. She could go out with whomever she wanted to. Just because they had made out with one another on her front porch just a few days ago, that didn’t mean that there had to be something between them. She was free to go out with this FedEx schmuck if she wanted to.

Amy leaned forward and sipped on a spoonful of soup. He watched as her lips formed a small ‘O’ as she blew on the steaming liquid and he shifted on the couch, averting his eyes to look anywhere but at her.

“I don’t know if I’m going to go though,” she continued and looked at him. She reached out and brushed her hand across his jaw, catching him off guard. His eyes flew back to meet hers. “I don’t like watching you get hurt,” she informed him in a much softer tone.

Neither spoke nor moved. Their eyes remained locked and her hand kept resting on his jaw, her thumb brushing back and forth across his heated skin. It should have scared him. It should have scared him that she already cared enough about him to not want to come see him fight just because he could get hurt. But he wasn’t scared. He found that it only seemed to make him want her more. "

More than Anyone , Ch 16:
Time stopped. Neither moved. They stood there in the small threshold between the two sets of doors, their lips connected, Ben gripping her hand so she wouldn’t pull away. Olivia didn’t even try though. Feeling his lips move over hers, coaxing her to kiss him back, she slowly lifted her other hand to the back of his head, pushing them closer together. Ben, still holding her hand, wrapped his arm around her so her arm was bent back behind her and their fingers intertwined. His other hand came to a rest on her hip. It wasn’t their first kiss but as they kissed, their lips slowly moving together, tasting one another and feeling one another, Ben knew that they were both in trouble. Neither could ever go back. Within the span of just a few short, yet eternal, minutes, they had bolted down a path that neither had ever thought they would go down, especially together.

“You taste like raspberries,” Ben observed barely pulling his lips away to tell her.

She nodded her head, wrapping her arm around his neck. “It’s my lip gloss,” she panted, pressing her lips to his again. She didn’t stop to think what was happening. She didn’t tell herself that this was Ben Norfolk and this went against every law of man and nature. It wasn’t true anymore. This was Ben. He had become her friend and now, she supposed they were becoming something a bit more – something definitely a bit more complicated. She didn’t hate him anymore. He had done so much for her. It was impossible to hate him like she once had. And kissing him was such a wonderful thing to do. He was a wonderful kisser. He gave her the kind of kisses that made her knees weak and her heart beat so fast in her chest, it felt as if it was trying to beat itself through her ribcage. No one had ever kissed her like Ben. These were the kisses all girls dreamed of receiving one day.

Ben took his hands and buried them in her hair, making her moan softly into his mouth. That was nearly his undoing. He was using all of the strength left in his body to not push her against the wall or the door or just throw her over his shoulder and carry her up to her apartment like some sort of Neanderthal. He couldn’t do that to her. He would never forgive himself for doing that to her. He pulled away so suddenly, she almost fell into him from her lack of balance his kiss had given her. As if both doused with cold water, they tried to collect themselves. Ben breathed in and out and Olivia straightened her sweatshirt and ran her fingers through her hairs. They looked at one another and Ben was prepared for what certainly would be one of the most awkward moments in his life.

Olivia surprised him though with a soft smile. “I’m not going to stand here all night,” she told him, opening the door leading into the building. Ben grinned, following her.

It was after three o’clock when they finally felt tired enough to possibly attempt sleep again. Ben was prepared to sleep on the couch but Olivia wouldn’t hear of it. She crawled underneath the covers of her bed, pushing back the covers on the left side of the bed for him. Ben shyly stripped took off his blue jeans, staring at the bed.

“What?” She asked, wondering why he was looking at the bed as if he had never seen one before – something she highly doubted.

He shook his head slightly. “You sleep on the right side of the bed,” he observed. “I sleep on the left,” he said.

“Oh,” she said, still a bit confused. “Well that works out well.” She reached over and turned off the lamp on the bedside table, blanketing the room in darkness.

The raindrops fell soothingly on the roof above them and the mattress squeaked quietly when Ben got into the bed, lying on his back, lacing his fingers behind his head. It had been such a surreal night. He had just imagined an hour ago what being in bed with her would be like and there he was. She was sleeping on her side, facing him, her eyes already closed and her breathing already evening out. He thought she was asleep so when she spoke, he was taken aback.

“I guess I just needed you here with me to fall asleep,” she said softly before drifting off.

There are more, but I limited myself to just one scene from my fvorite stories.


Hina said...

I couldn't possibly decide on a favorite romantic moment because I love all of your romantic (and teary) moments in all your stories.

I have to say though, that "Some Kind of Wonderful" has always been my most favorite story, probably because it was the one I read first before all the others.

A favorite moment that stands out in my mind right now is from "The Prize" when Tyson and Amy first meet, and although there isn't much dialogue between them, there's a certain chemistry that's there when they do speak with each other--every conversation stands out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Guess what? HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope it will be an excellent year for you and your family. I have to answer this question of yours before 2008.

The scene that made me tear up, smile, or made me want to read again is the scene in "She Paints Me Blue" I remember the moment when Sarah ask Holden if he think she is broken and he replied that she is perfect for him. I love that and one very tearful moment for me is when Sarah said that she went to the alley that night and that Holden never had her because she never came out. That was heart wrenching. Do you know how many times I've read "Something Pretty" like a million times, haha, not really but I love that whole story.

You know what is the most romantic scene for me it is in "Some Kind of Wonderful" as well. It is in the last chapter when Casey first meet Amelia the baby. “Here, Case,” Poppy said, smiling at the boy’s curiosity as he peered down at her daughter in her arms. “This is Amelia.” Casey was silent for a moment as he stared down at the baby, an unexplainable wave of protectiveness suddenly rushing throughout him. She was beautiful and one of his pudgy hands lightly touched one of her tiny fisted hands. Poppy smiled when he leaned over and kissed Amelia’s bald head. The baby stirred but remained asleep. Casey stared at her for an eternal moment. “Lia.” That is romantic to me. There were other romantic moments between other characters, but I had to pick this one because no one can beat knowing you're going to love this person since she was born. Am I right or am I right, haha, goodnight.