Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fan Pictures

Bulma-Veggie, my French fan as she likes to always remind me :), sent me these pictures of Reed and Cami, saying that this is how they envisioned what the couple would look like at the end of chapter two of In a Red Dress and Alone. I think they're beautiful so thank you for sending them to me. What do you all think of them? Let it be known in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful sad pictures! I hurt for them. Hopefully things are going to get better.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you like them ^^
bulma-veggie (yes you have fans in France XD ... well at least me lool )

alessandra said...

Those pictures are so sad! :( But perfect.

Anonymous said...

i couldnt remember your email so i thought id write this in a comment. i love the stories by the way. so does my 8 month old son Brandon. he loves it when i read to him before he goes to bed. so thank you from both me and my son something interesting to do before he goes to bed.
Rachel and Brandon from England

Carol Suss said...

Hi... I couldnt find your e-mail, so I decided to write for you thru here.
So, my name is Carol, and I'm from Brazil and I'm huge fan of your work! So you not only have fans in France, now you have somebody from this tropical country that LOVES all of your work!
And let me tell you, I love that u posts pictures of your characters, it helps me a lot to envision them, and the cenario too...
Anyways I read almost all of your work, and I didnt find one that I didnt like! I love your original plots, the love relationships and how you write your characters with all this background, and they always have a past and their funny quirks, I just love how you write, thats it!!
Aparently I just cant say this enough!! lol
Anyway, one other thing that I wanter to tell you, is please dont give up you acount in Fictionpress, thats the only place I can leave you a review!!
Oh, and I think you shouldnt change you layout - I like this way, is easy on the eyes - sometimes my eyes get tired from layouts that are like just too much, I like the fact that yours is simple. And I think you shoudl keep posting pictures, I love them!!
Ok, I think I wrote you enough..