Monday, December 17, 2007

More Random Pictures

As asked, here are pictures of Lawson Chambers, Nikki Hawkins, and Chase Merra from the Wonderwall series as well as a picture of Violet Littleton from Better Together. I really like all of these pictures though the Lawson picture would have been absolutely perfect if he had the tattoos on his arms. What does everyone else think of them?






Anonymous said...

I never knew Lawson was! Haha. These are perfect pictures! I love them

Anonymous said...

For Lawson, this one is really handsome, but I loved the fact that on your first picture of Lawson on april we could see the funny part of his behavor, so to have a good Lawson, we have to find a handsome guy with sense of humor and tattoos..... isn't that what we are all looking for ??? lol
If I found pictures I will send them to you ^^