Sunday, December 16, 2007

Odds and Ends

There will be no more polls posted. I did those just for fun and to just get a feel for what readers think of the characters. Some did not care for them while others loved them. To everyone though, no more polls. Also, in regards to the Wonderwall offspring, I still have not decided. Once again, some seem eager while others don't want it all. I suppose all I can say is thank you for everyone's input and the decision is entirely my own. I am also NOT continuing with the Wonderwall rewrite. It wasn't too warmly accepted it seemed and even though I do not like it, a lot of people remain loyal to the first original one. I may write a story about Casey, Amelia, Wallace and Hannah and I might not. I have other stories to see to first. I was just throwing the idea out there for feedback.

Below are pictures of Will Kelly and Lucy Banks from Everything Will Be Alright. I posted these back in April but someone wanted to see the again. If anyone else has photo requests, either leave a comment or email me at Thank you.




Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I'm sadden that you won't be continuing the "Wonderwall" rewrite. It's all good though because you give me enough to read every week. Awww, I thought it was adorable to hear how your children already love music. Your daughter is going to kick ass, haha, she already knows good music when she hears it. You even had polls for secondary couple, haha, I would have chosen Jared and Emily as well. No more class/clincials for a while so I have more time now to read anything you want to post.


Anonymous said...

I personnally loved your beginning of the rewrite of "wonderwall" i wanted to see where it was going, and I also loved the original ^^
But everything is your choice, you are The person who gave us so many stories and so many things to dream about , we cannot make those choices at your place^^
Do as you always did, true fans will always stay even tough some times they cannot love some plots or characters, that's normal XD


Anonymous said...

i love the polls :) it was great. also i'm saddened that you won't be continuing with the wonderwall rewrite. i was really looking forward to it. well can't wait till read your other stories.. as long as you don't ever stop writing, i'll be happy. - jL