Thursday, October 23, 2008

Waverly Pictures

Some of you have requested more pictures of the Waverly family from The Waverly Myth so ask and you shall receive. Remember that these are just visual aids for those who want them. Please envision the characters however you want them and these pictures are just for those who like to see them. I hope you like them. [And Naoise: I am so happy that you started watching The Wire. It is one of the best shows ever made and though it moves slow, it is well worth it. I am glad you like it so far. I try to turn as many people as I can onto that show.]






Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Oh, how I adore you. Thank you for all the updates. I think you're the only author I have to catch up with. You're like the mad creative genius of writing. I can't believe you've been writing online for a few years now and I'm still loving the stories well maybe some more than others.

I don't know why but my reading mood is really into "The Waverly Myth" story right now. I'll probably end up reviewing "The Flower Girl" and "The Beginning of Eden" tomorrow.

I would like to say the banners for both "The Flower Girl" and "Ghetto Gospel" are beautifully done by Alessandra, Lauren, Emilie, Bulma-Veggie, and Sara.

Have a great weekend with your family.


Anonymous said...

I love the actors/actresses you use for your characters.

The Wire is funny too!

Oh, I made you a banner for The Beginning of Eden.
Here's a link to it:


Amanda said...

Hey Kate I was listening to some songs and I thought that you would really like this one. It's from one of my favourite bands. The song is called Long Night of Dreaming by Crash Parallel. I cannot wait until your next update. I hope you are having a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

just wondering who the actors are that you chose to portray claire and rowan... they look really familiar but I can't seem to remember who they are. It would really help if you let me know because it's been bugging me for a few days now.. lol! if you could post more pics of them or tell me the names of the actors it would really help! Thanks!

love your stories, am glad you started writing about Ella and Brett again!

Keep writing because you're amazing at it..