Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Waverly Myth - Chap. Six

I have gotten a few emails from people who have asked me to stop writing The Waverly Myth because they do not like it. I am sorry you do not like it but this is MY story and I am feeling inspiration for it at the moment. I love this story. I am incredibly proud of this story. And I am going to keep writing this story. If you do not like it then please do not read it.

In the meantime, for those who are interested, chapter six of The Waverly Myth is posted on so please read it and leave me a review. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance to everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Nice response to the emails. I like how confident you have become. I think it is rude for some people to email you asking for you to stop writing this story just because they don't like it. And I left you a humongous review just to show my gratitude. Analyzing these characters has actually given me a headache.

The picture of this mansion is picturesque in a way that it relates to the story. How the dark clouds is symbolic of the bad things yet there is a few opening in the clouds that has the sun coming through. There's light in the darkness, maybe, maybe not, haha. Two more hours before Halloween.


Anonymous said...

That is just ridiculous that people are actually asking you to stop writing. It just goes to show how small minded people can be in what they think they like. Personally, I think that this is an amazing story and it's more mature than anything else that you've written; mature in the topics, not the writing style. You've always been a mature writer.

I think that you handled the situation well. Especially when people aren't being forced to read your stuff.

Keep writing while inspiration strikes!


Anonymous said...

Its sad that people would say that because your writing is wonderful! Don't stop writing. Your work is amazing.

Amanda said...

Hey Kate, I'm glad that you aren't stopping to write this story. I love it.
Why do I have the feeling Donnie is going to help Fallon with Leah and Sonny?
Take care and I will await for your next chapter.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you decided to ignore those emails, this is an amazing story. Keep writing and I cant wait for the next update!

Anonymous said...

Oh for god sake some people need to get over them themselves! I'm so happy you're not stopping this story I really love it!!

I really like the insight your giving to all these people and their relationships. I just hope you don't start something up with Donnie & Leah that would be terrible!! I really want her & Fallon to sort things out. And I kind of want Claire & Donnie to get back togeher! I don't know why because of what she did but I would kind of like that?!

Update soon can't wait for more :D

L x

mandy said...

Happy Halloween to you and your family

Anonymous said...

Who would be so rude as to email you and ask you to stop writing? You write for YOU not THEM!
I'm glad you're just ignoring them. People like that only want attention.

And yay! Another chapter!


Anonymous said...

how the heck could people not like this story?? it's amazing! i loved this new chapter and i love the story. im so excited to see how the story will progress. so much drama!! please post more soon!