Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Waverly Myth - Chap. Three

Chapter three of The Waverly Myth is posted on so head over there and please read and review it for me. Remember, no account is necessary to leave me a review there. I really like the way this chapter turned out and I am eager to see what others think about it. Below, as requested, I have posted pictures of some of the characters and more will be posted later if people want to see them. Thank you in advance for reading and reviewing.







Amanda said...

Well done. Sorry that I haven't ben able to write anything but I have read everything you done and all of it was fantactic! I cannot wait to read all of the stories you have gone. Until your next update, I'll await.

Anonymous said...

Great chapter! Very interesting and I loved how we got to see more of the kids, I am sitting here imagining what could have happened to Harlow instead of working. I cant wait for your next update!

PS I am all for posting pics on your profile page

Anonymous said...

Finally caught up! I'm really loving the start of this story. I'm dying to find out what happened to Harlow!!

I really like the relationship or whatever is going on with Fallon & Leah, i'd love to hear more about them and that eventually they work things out!

I'm after developing a little soft spot for Donovan too, hope he gets some happiness too!! As for the rest of them i'm not so sure about yet.

Can't wait to read some more!

L x