Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ghetto Gospel - Chapter Eight

I am probably as shocked as you that I updated so quickly but all of those reviews really helped and motivated me. Chapter eight of Ghetto Gospel is now posted on Fictionpress.com so head over there to read it and review for me. Thank you for all of the warm feedback this story has been getting. Even in our society today, interracial dating is frowned upon and I know that there are people who do not like reading about it. Thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in this story. Please review chapter eight for me. Thank you in advance.


Amanda said...

It really becoming intease. What is Preston thinking? How is he going to escape both of their worlds? Update soon, it's too good to stop now.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness - I was so happy to see an update so soon!! What a treat for us readers. And that wasn't just any chapter, that's for sure!

You did such a great job Kate. You have a real talent for writing, as we all know, but now we can see you have a talent for intimate scenes too! That was sweet, sexy, romantic, tasteful & still HOT! It TOTALLY fit the characters in their personalities and attitudes. You could see how much Preston cares for Jane, and vice-versa.

I'm saddened about Lamar, but like you said in your note, you are keeping it realistic. If someone was giving away drugs for free, I can imagine death just might be the punishment. My curiosity now is how will Preston react to finding out that his brother had one of his oldest friends killed? Preston loves & respects his brother, but we all know he wants a differnt life for himself (and Jane...awww...), so will this be the last straw? And with Jane's dad & Preston's opinion of him?

Oh I can't wait for chapter 9!!!



Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, interracial dating is a big thing now which is a good thing. I am going to read chapter eight and hopefully that you take your time on posting chapter nine soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy your updating this story quickly I really love it!!

I love the development in Preston & Jane's relationship he was being so sweet & gentle with her!! Nearly had heart failure though when her louse ass of a dad came home!

Really really really looking forward to seeing what happens next! Update when you can :D

L x