Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Waverly Myth - Chap. Four

Chapter four of The Waverly Myth is up on Thank you very much to Michelle for the art you made for the story, which is posted below. Please read and review the newest chapter for me. Thank you.

By Michelle




Amanda said...

Why do I have the feeling that Claire may want Donnie back? Great chapter, I love how everything is coming together slowly but in a great way. Keep up the great work Kate.

Anonymous said...

Great chapter, it just keeps getting more interesting and I keep getting more drawn into the story! I also agree with amandas comment about Claire...
Keep up the great worlk!

Anonymous said...

I'm really liking this story. Although my favourites are probably The Flower Girl and The Beginning Of Eden.

I made you some artwork for both of these stories.

Now, I'm off to read more of The Waverly Myth!

-Naoise (my name is pronounced 'nee-sha'. It's Irish.)

Anonymous said...

I'm completely getting sucked int this story! But seriously I have never heard about more disfunctional, messed up relationships!! I hope some of them work it out, especially Leah & Fallon and I agree with the others about claire that would be interesting!!

Can't wait for more!

L x

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope she'll stay with Evan, it will be really sad and mean for her to now try and go back to the younger brother, I hope but it's only my opinion that she'll be friend with Donovan but manage to save her mariage with Evan ^^

PS: but I see something between Leah and Donnie ... lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I hope you're having a good Tuesday.

I have songs for you that reminds me of Evan/Claire/Evan, Sarah McLachlan "Stupid".
10 years "Wasteland" for Fallon and I might have more.

And by the way Michelle did a good job with the pictures of the Waverly mansion.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant Evan/Claire/Donnie.