Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Flower Girl - Part VIII

So, I hope everyone is alright. I have not heard from a few of my “regulars” and you know I worry. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Part VIII of The Flower Girl is posted up on so please read and review that for me. Also, if you have not, please read chapter two of The Waverly Myth. Thank you to everyone in advance. I love hearing from you and what you think so let me know.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kate

Haven't read this latest update of The Flower Girl, which I will be doing soon.. Nor have I been able to start on the Waverly Myth - quite excited about that one! I always enjoy reading about families. Just been having so much going on with a friend who recently has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression.. :(

Anyway, will try to review once I've read!

Anonymous said...

I loooove this story and all the mythological references !!
I can't wait to see how you re gonna develop it