Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ghetto Gospel - Chapter Ten

The final chapter of Ghetto Gospel is posted on so please, one last time, read and review it for me. I would greatly appreciate it. I am very proud of myself for writing this story and I am both surprised and so happy that people warmly welcomed it. Thank you to everyone for everything in regards to this story.


Anonymous said...

perfect ending to a great story. you are very talented and id just like to thank you for sharing your talent with us you have a sequl in mind? i personally think that the story of preston and jane king has finshed. no more words need be wrote x

Anonymous said...

PERFECT ending. Loved it! Only started reading two days ago.. Actually enjoyed it a lot as I am a huge fan of interracial couples - am a product of one, you see! I think mixed couples, when they truly love each other..its a special sort of love. They have so much more working against them yet they manage to weather through all of it. Well done, Kate! Kina x

Anonymous said...

*Sniff Sniff* I am getting all misty eyes here. Love love love love this story too death. Girl, you are very talented and-and so talented LOL!! What a perfect ending. What a perfect story.


Anonymous said...

That was the most perfect last chapter!! I was afraid you might not give them the happy ending but i'm so happy you did!!!!

I loved hearing about their family & the lttle family they have now, so cute!

So not impressed with Jane's dad at all but I guess it worked out better in the end?!

I'm really happy you decided to continue with this story after a few false starts! I absolutely loved it from start to finish so thank you!!

L x

Amanda said...

Fantastic ending. I love it. I'm glad that they are doing so well. I think Tim doesn't care about anyone but himself and in the future he will relise that. Great job Kate. Another one of your memorable stories.

littlewiseone said...

I’m finally reviewing my this story, yay for me, but even more importantly, yay for you! Great job on this story! I will not lie I had a lot of reservations to reading this story. I, like you, was a huge fan of The Wire, and Brodie, so I figured I would be constantly comparing what you wrote to the series. I will also admit I have never been a huge fan of the interracial stories either. So going into this story I was all prepared to dislike it. I know. . . Bad Me. But the good thing is you broke down those barriers.

I enjoyed the story. I felt you did a good job with realism, and while I could definitely see where you drew inspiration from The Wire, this was its OWN story. I really felt for Preston. I was rooting for him, throughout the whole story. It is hard living between two worlds. (Not in the game, but hanging with people so deeply involved in the game, wanting to get out, but not really making any moves.) I also felt bad for Jane because everything that glitters isn’t gold. I felt like they feel in love really fast but, hey I’m waiting on my own whirlwind romance, that seems like it isn’t going to ever come, so may that is just my reality making be bitter. (I know once again, Bad Me.) I’m I was very happy with the ending, and overall happy I took the time to read Ghetto Gospel.