Sunday, February 8, 2009

When Night is Almost Done - Chap. Two

Please go to Fictionpress and read the second chapter of When Night is Almost Done. I was very flattered with the warm responses I got with the first update and I hope that the interest continues with this story. Below, I have posted several pictures in regards to this story as well as a few pictures of how I envisioned the Chapman House. Thank you in advance for reading and reviewing for me.





Nhi said...

What kind of dog is arthur?

Kate said...

West Highland Terrier. The Westie. I have one (named Baxter). Absolutely adorable dogs.

Anonymous said...

Si in the picture is it your dog? Anyway he is really cute, I love this story so far, the ambiance will be really mystical apparently, it's fun to see the change you have made since the beginning of your work, from soap-drama-romance, to more surnatural fanfictions, a great way of attracting new readers, and showing your talent ^^

Anonymous said...

A great new chapter! I really love that this story is set in the 50's and I am excited about the supernatural element. I cant wait for the next update! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

I hope you're having a splendid Monday:) I wish I could have Arthur. He is too adorable for words. I'm jealous you have one and I have to mention how Leighton Meester's beauty is timeless. I plan to read chapter 2 of "When Night is Almost Done" sometime tonight. Thank you for bringing some joy into my mundane life.


Anonymous said...

I was just rereadin The Flower Girl and was wondering if you are going to update The Dark Side of the Moon? i really loved that story