Saturday, February 28, 2009

Better Together - Chapter Four

If anyone is interested in updates for this story, the fourth chapter of Better Together is now posted on Fictionpress so check it out if you want to. I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend so far and I promise to listen to all of the song suggestions people have been sending me. I also have some artwork to post and work on some new chapters. Basically, I have much to do! But first, I want to finish watching Stalag 17. I just love William Holden. Thank you in advance for everything and hopefully, I will talk to you all soon and have some new updates.

Jamie and Violet


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

What's up? Haha, I didn't have to go to work today so I'm extremely happy and I've been listening to music nonstop. So, I have music for "Soldier Boy":
Yael Naim "New Soul"
Deftones "Minerva"
Atreyu "Becoming the Bull"

I know you're but I had to post while I can still remember these songs.


Anonymous said...

I loved this story the first time you posted it...I look forward to reading it all over again.

Thanks for sharing your gift with us!!!


Naoise said...

Hi Kate,
I just looked up Stalag 17 because it reminded me of something else and I had never heard of that film. Have you ever heard of or read the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson books? In them, Georgia calls school 'Stalag 14'. Lol.

But that movie sounds kind of cool, maybe my dad has seen it? He loves those world war two movies. He was only two when it ended!

Anyway, new chapter! YAY.

littlewiseone said...

I love that you re re posting this I hadn't read it in awhile and it is just as good as the 1st time. I'm trying yo talk myself out of going on the other site and reading the rest of it in case you are planning some twist or additional dialog so I'll wait. But you stories have a way of making me want to read the straight through. You are great.