Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hawkin and Lily

Soldier Boy is my favorite story of yours right now and I absolutely love the character of Lily Hawkin. I found this picture of Jensen Ackles and I knew immediately that I wanted to edit it a little. I added text from your story and I tried to photo shop my own eye patch over his eye since Hawkin lost his eye at the end of The Flower Girl but it never looked right so I just gave up. I hope you like this picture and thank you so much for writing this amazing story. I hope you update it soon. Love Vanessa.”

Vanessa, thank you very much for the artwork (which I have posted below). I love that picture.

Simon, Marcus and Lily’s adventure is just beginning and Hawkin is definitely going to be acting somewhat crazy and vengeful to get his daughter back safely. Soldier Boy is not only going to be a story about Simon, Marcus, Lily and their coming-of-age tale but it is also about the Mogue and what the soldiers will do to protect their own. It is going to be a bit darker, a bit more magical and mythical than The Flower Girl but I hope it all turns out the way I am imagining it.

Thank you very much to Vanessa and to everyone for reading this story and hopefully, enjoying it as well.


Hina said...

That picture is adorable!!! Thank you Vanessa! I haven't gotten a chance to read the last chapter of "Soldier Boy" but I hope to by the end of this week. I'm glad you're editing a couple of your other stories...I'll have to read them again soon!

By the way...thanks for putting your e-mail back up! :-)

Naoise said...

That picture is really cute! :) I'm excited to see where the children's adventure takes them.

Thank you Kate for the story and thank you Vanessa for the picture.