Friday, February 20, 2009

A Pocketful of Poppies - Part Fourteen

Part fourteen of A Pocketful of Poppies is now posted over on Please read and review for me if you are interested. Thank you in advance and Happy Friday to everyone. I am having difficulty posting pictures at the moment but hopefully, I will be able to later. I am also posting a slightly edited version of Better Together on the site and once that is posted, I am going to edit More than Anyone and post that so give that old story another read as well. Thank you again.

*Update: Thank you very much to Nyah for the pictures found below. I have pictures for the friends and for, of course, Poppy and Justin but I never had actors/models in mind for these characters so thank you, Nyah, for taking the time to find these for me. I think Julie Christie is perfect for Kim Aldridge though - just because Kim is supposed to be an older mom and she and the actor/model I chose for Justin actually look alike. Of course, everyone can imagine the characters however they like and these are for just those who enjoy visuals.

Gretchen Sheppard

Dr. Nate Hardwick

Kim Aldridge


Anonymous said...

YEAAAH ! first for A Pocketfull ^^ then for the last "when night...", then for Better together, and especially, you know me, for "more than anyone", gonna read about Ben one more time loool ^^

>>One annoying question of a fan lol, is your stories on AFF totally abandonned? I'm thinking about "nothing else matters" and others than you have deleted, I remember them because I just looked on your blog and found some of your previous synopsis ^^


Nyah_87 said...

I think APOP is my fav story of yours at the mo, and I'm glad to see a new chapter posted up. I hope you got my pics for various characters okay (and I hope you like them!).


Anonymous said...

I really liked this chapter and how Poppy didn't back down to Holden. I was scared that she would! And thank you for posting the chapter so quickly. APOP is my favorite story right now, and I'm so excited for the next chapters!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Happy Friday! Kate did you know that "Vienna waits for you..." I have such a massive headache right now from work, but I am happy to see updates and old stories being posted. So I'll try to read and review both stories tonight. I'm sorry for not being there for you when the "incident" happened. I don't think I had to be because you certainly had enough people that already had your back. They are awesome! No matter how many try to steal your work or hate your work they can't deny you are a good writer and your stories proves it time and time again. So they should just shut up and put up because you're not going anywhere because we won't let you.

May I request a picture of your interpretation of how Gretchen and Nate would look like, please. I can't vote on favorite couple on fictionpress because I don't have an account. So I'll tell you: Poppy/Justin, Brady/Ali, and Ben/Olivia.

I have a new song for Poppy and Justin it's by Hawthorne Heights called "Somewhere in Between."


Anonymous said...

Love the chapter. I am glad that Poppy didn't back down from Holden. LET HER DO HER OWN THING!! Like Poppy, her friends did far more worse things. Poppy was finally smiling and it was Justin who just so happen to make her do that.


Great job! Can't wait for the next chapter!!

~Dove (redrose86)~

littlewiseone said...

I'm so happy Poppy didn't deny her feeling about Justin to Holden, no matter how undefined those feelings are up to this point. I also just loved the interaction between Justin and Poppy in this chapter it was so cute. I had several Awwwwwwwwwwwe moments.