Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter Solstice - Chap. One

So, I got so excited for this story that I wrote the first chapter yesterday because I wanted to get it posted and see what people thought. Chapter one of Winter Solstice is on so please head over there and check it out for me. The first chapter is a bit shorter than my usual lengths but this is just an introduction of sorts. I am really excited for this story and I hope it turns out the way I have it planned in my head. Thanks a lot everyone and enjoy your Sunday. I bought this amazingly warm fleece blanket from Target yesterday so at least, today, I am a bit warmer. How is everyone else?


Anonymous said...

It sounds really awesome so far. You seem to be getting a great response too! That's really good! I'm excited for the next chapter and to meet the other characters. Thank you for putting up pictures of them too, it helps me to picture them better. Plus, I LOVE Tom! I love that actor too, so it's perfect! Please post more soon, I'm excited.

Anonymous said...

Great start
I already wanna know more about Meg and Lou, and their story...
Please update soon!