Sunday, November 23, 2008

Molly and Hawkin

Thank you so much to Michelle who made the video before for The Flower Girl.

“Hello Kate, The Flower Girl is one of my favorite stories, so I made a video slide show for it. I hope you like it! Thank you for writing such an amazing story!”

It was so weird because I was writing part ten of this story and all of a sudden, this video pops up in my mailbox so thank you, Michelle, for taking the time to make it. Please, everyone, watch the movie and let her know what you think. I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Good morning! I like Sundays but it means the weekend is almost over. Wow, Michelle did an awesome job. There is a lot of pictures that can actually be seen in the story.

I can't wait for part 10 of "The Flower Girl". Thank you so much Kate and to Michelle as well.