Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quick Note

I know I have been updating like crazy and I know that most are too busy to read anything but I also updated The Prettiest Thing on Fictionpress. I have combined chapters and added and edited some things. AFF has been giving me problems lately so I am not sure I will update there anymore. If I do, I will let you know but my new stories are on Fictionpress.com now. I will try to slow down with updating though and give everyone a chance to read whichever update interests them. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! I really love these stories that you're writing! It makes my day when I see a new post.

Hina said...

I absolutely love all your stories and am so happy with how you ended "The Waverly Myth". I was hoping for a happy-ending all-around, but you don't always get that in life!

Anyway, I promise to write you a long review when I have more time to gather my thoughts. Please never stop writing though...and keep the updates coming! I love fast updates and always try to read them when I get a chance.

I usually check this blog first before going to one of your stories because I know you have a song, picture, or something that helps me understand and enjoy the story better than I would have without those things.

Well, I should be going to bed. Take care and hope to read another update soon!

By the way...I love Part 9 of "The Flower Girl"...so happy with the way this story is coming along and admire the time and effort you spend on this story. It was great to see some background on Turkish and Margaret Lombard. He's such a mysterious character! Update soon!

P.S. I haven't gotten a chance to read "Winter Solstice" yet, but I plan on doing that soon!

Amanda said...

Hey Kate, I have read everything you have done up to this point from the last time I review.

Flower Girl - I found this chapter brillent. I love how you showed Turkish and Margaret relationship and that they very much do love each other. And I love the fact that Turkish loves his daughter more than anything. Great job.

Begining of Eden - This was an interesting twist on this chapter. I thought she was going to to to Kurt but the attraction of Finn is really coming out. I cannot wait to read more.

Winter Solices - I have a feeling I spelled it wrong but I love the idea that there is always hope around Christmas time. I really want to read more on Lou and Meg.

Everything was well done and I personally cannot wait to read what you have next. Til than Kate and have a great Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Just wanted to thank you for all the fast updates! It's awesome not having to wait long stretches of time for a chapter. I've never reviewed before since Im not a writer and doubt that my reviews would help much.

I do, however, want to say that The Prettiest Thing is such a enjoyable read and Trevor is a riot as comedi relief! And I wish Brett would make a move soon... I can't wait for chapter 7.

I also think the character photos for Hawkin is spot on to how I imagined him. Love all the folklore behind the story.

Thanks again for all the great stories and such fast updates! Can't wait to read more.