Friday, November 7, 2008

The Waverly Myth- Chap. Nine

Please read and review chapter nine of The Waverly Myth for me, now posted on I really like this chapter but I am not sure how others will feel about it or even if it turned out alright. Please let me know what you think about it. Thank you very much and Happy Friday, everyone.


Anonymous said...

wow, great chapter Kate! I wasn't quite prepared for it, but I still enjoyed it all the same... very emotional! I don't comment too much on the blog... just on the stories mostly, but I wanted to let you know how thoroughly I am enjoying this story... I feel so connected to it and am so invested in these characters. Can't wait for the next chapter...


Anonymous said...

So much happened in that chapter I don't know where to start!

I can't believe what Fallon did & now he drove Leah away! I'm so sad they were my favourite couple :( I hope this give Fallon the kick up the ass he needs now to sort himself out & get them back!

And I can't believe Donnie & Claire so didn't think that would happen! Even though I still want to see them together I doubt that will happen! I really hope he doesn't turn into a hypocrite & try something with Leah though that would be awful!?

Great chapter update really really really soon!!

L x

Anonymous said...

Yes another chapter !!! I'm so glad that Claire pushed back Donnie when he kissed her, it shows that she truly doesn't love him anymore, and I wanna see what's gonna happen now between her and Evan .
I don't know what to think about Donnie's intentions towards Leah, I mean ... I'll have to read more about this triangle to make my opinion ^^


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Good morning/afternoon? Haha, I'm confuse. When I was reading chapter 9 of "The Waverly Myth" I have this song in mind. Linkin Park "My December". Have a good Sunday.


Amanda said...

Hey Kate sorry that I haven't reviewed lately but I have been reading your stories. All the updates have been great and personally I cannot wait to read more. This chapter tho was intenst. I kept thinking what's going to happen next and now that's even stronger. I cannot wait for the next update and I will try to review as often as I can. Take care.