Friday, November 14, 2008

The Waverly Myth - Chap. Twelve

The twelfth and final chapter of The Waverly Myth is posted on so please, read it for me. I am extremely proud of this story and though I lost many readers along the way, thank you to those who stuck with it for me. I am not sure what I will be updating next. I have been writing constantly with this story and Ghetto Gospel and I have been losing a lot of people who used to enjoy my stories so I think I am going to take a break and hopefully, I will come back with a story that everyone will love. Thank you very much and Happy Friday (finally)!


Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry you always think you're loosing readers with your new stories, it's obviously not the case, and it might just be because you are now posting them on Fictionpress and not on AFF so some readers from that former website don't know that change. Anyway you got plenty reviews for this story XD

Well now, I, like usual, love your writing, your way to describe each character ans situation ; but as you may know coz I said it before, I had the impression it was gonna be a long drama family saga, and I was really surprised to see it come to an end already (don't take it bad, it was only my impression ^^) but I still love your story, be sure of that (it was only a little deception from a reader of yours lol) and as for your last chapter, I'm not a fan of open-ended stories, not just yours don't get me wrong, it's a generality for me (I didn't like for instance the end of 'marche ou crève' ^^" by Stephen King, too open-ended for me). I love to see exactly what happen to the characters I love (and I love the Waverly family XD) and as you know I said before that I truly love Evan and Caire's relationship, (it might be chauvinistic coz Claire is French but more seiously it is because I love to read about sad love stories, full of drama, it was a good change) so I'm a little bit sad not knowing what will happen to them even though I pictured them resolving their non-verbal relationship in the back of that limo and finally being honest with each others lool

Anyway stop thinking we are not with you, coz the truth is we are ! And as every artist knows thay might be some times when their works don't find their audience, it doesn't mean it's not a good work, but just that their are too many passions and interests on Earth for one person to satisfy every one ^^

Have a splendid weekend !!!!!
XO Buma-veggie
Once again sorry for any mistakes I might have made !!

Anonymous said...

When I said 'it was a good change from you" to reab about tha difficult relation between Claire and Evan, of course I know others character of yours had difficulties to overcome,but it was a change to read about an already married couple, creating his own difficulties, becoming more and more distant and who could try to arrange it . Just wanted to precise my thought.


naoise said...

Hi! I'm sorry you think you're losing readers but you still have me. I do read what you post! I check this blog regularly as well. Two more weeks of college and I'll be free to read to my heart's content. And now I have a whole entire story to read. I read the first few chapters of TWM and I think it really is fantastic.

Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad this story is over I really got into it!

I'm especially happy that Fallon & Leah sorted everything out!! And all the others too came together. I was so sad that Betty had to die & didn't get to see her grandchild or see how everyone resolved their differences and Wes at the end just broke my heart!

It would be really good if you decided to do a follow up on any of them. Not sure what you have planned or maybe this story is finished either way it's all good!

I really don't think you've lost readers it's just people are probably busy these days with school or work & now with Christmas comming up. I hope you decide to write somehing new soon, I never get sick of your stories!

Thanks so much for this one, I really, really enjoyed it :D

L x

Anonymous said...

like always this was a great story! cant wait to read more from u


Anonymous said...

I don't leave comments much, usually because when I get a chance to read that's all I have time for and then with my ADD I forget to come back and comment. I have to admit that I liked TWM and GG more than your other stories. While I like all your work, sometimes the other stories seem a bit too much like each other just with different characters, but there's a lot of good girl meets bad boy, falls for him, they have sex, and eventually live happily ever after. These last two stories have had differences that have really captured my interest.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Take your needed break. I just hope you don't disappear for too long and keep us updated if you don't mind posting in your blog.

I'm proud of you for finishing these so call unpopular stories. "The Waverly Myth" and "Ghetto Gospel" isn't your norm so what. You went with your gut and accomplish something that may not be popular but are a true essence of your writing ability. It shows your in depth characterization, multidimensional plots and theme yet it comes together beautifully at the end and it was condense to a dozen or so chapters. You can't please everyone and not everyone is going to like everything their favorite author writes about. Just don't doubt yourself ever. You know me I'll be waiting until your return.

It is a gloomy/rainy Saturday in my neck of the woods so it is a great day for me to catch up with the last two chapters of "The Waverly Myth".

I love both of the songs from Damien Jurado and Natalie Merchant. It is so meaningful and deep. It sure does apply to "The Waverly Myth" characters. I think the song "Sheets" apply more to Donnie for some reason. I would also like to suggest a song by 10,000 Maniacs called "Trouble Me". Thank you.

Have a good Saturday my lovely friend.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Buma-veggie. You are amazingly talented. Although you may need a break, I'm going to miss hearing about your new ideas and projects coming up. They are just so fabulous. You are an amazing author and I don't think you should feel like you've lost readers. Not at all. It's about the quality of the reviews, not the quanity. I loved every word of these past two stories and I can't wait for more after your break. Please don't leave us hanging for too long though! I check your blog everyday!